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Who invented Brazilian Waxing?

QUESTION – During last decades many women use Brazilian waxing. When Brazilian waxing became a part of women hygiene? Who invented Brazilian waxing? Any disadvantages for women health?

Who invented Brazilian Waxing – ANSWER from experts

In Middle Eastern countries the removal of women body hair has been considered as normal proper hygiene. Girls and young women were trained to remove unwanted hair all over the body including pubic hair.

So called “Brazilian Waxing” has been prevalent for centuries in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, Turkey and Persia. In Islam society the pubic hair removal is known as act of Fitrah. Customs of pubic hair removal in ancient India and even in Hindu society are well known by scientists. In ancient societies the “Brazilian Waxing” was done with sugar-based pasta and lemon.

In Egypt the similar type of Brazilian waxing was popular for pre-wedding ceremonies. As at that time only sugar paste mixed with lemon was used, the procedure was called “sugaring”. Nowadays, in some cases the “sugaring” is used instead of Brazilian waxing, because it is sometimes faster and more painless than actual Brazilian waxing. Early forms of Brazilian waxing were also used in dry countries to keep cool in the hot weather as well as maintain personal hygiene.

In modern societies the Brazilian waxing originated from Brazil. The Brazilian bikini waxing had its beginnings on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, which required a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. The pubic hair removal habits in Western women started in XX century – it became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated and women started wearing new thong bikinis.

Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.

In USA Brazilian style waxing was introduced in 1987 by J. Sisters International Salon which was opened in Manhattan, New York by seven Brazilian sisters Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.

Originally sisters were trained in their family salon in Victoria, Brazil. J Sisters salon in New York introduced the idea and the techniques to remove much or all of the pubic hair which make it possible to wear modern thong underwear and thong bikini swimming suits. Since then, the seven J. Sisters (whose first names all begin with the letter “J”) have acquired a celebrity clientele.

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