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Inverted nipple remedies

Any nipple that is more indented than it is distending (protruding) can be considered as inverted nipple. Inverted nipples can be a problem for women – reducing their self-confidence and sexual attractiveness. Inverted nipple can cause physiological distress particularly for women who wish to breastfeed. Women could have temporary inverted nipples which “pop out” immediately after pinch, after temperature changes or ice cube attachment and during sexual activities. Permanent inverted nipples do not respond to any stimulation. During nipple pinch test the inverted nipple collapses into the breast, while a normal nipple will protrude (“pop out”). Modern technologies developed several inverted nipple remedies – methods which can help women to correct their nipple position.

Inverted nipple remedies

Inverted nipple remedies can be used starting from puberty. At the same time, women of any age can use all available methods. In all cases consultation with your doctor before using recommended methods should be organized.

As inverted nipples can be a problem during breastfeeding, corrections should be done before pregnancy or early in pregnancy since correction can take some time.

Suddenly appeared inverted nipple on one side without any reasonable explanations can be a sign of breast cancer. In these cases inverted nipple remedies should not be used.

Inverted nipple remedies – breast pumps

Breast pumps (vacuum) could be simple solution for inverted nipples – it can be used for esthetic reasons as well as for breastfeeding. Women can select electronic breast pump or simple breast vacuum. Regular use of breast pumps would stretch the tissue and will “pop-out” the nipple. Usually it takes a while before the nipple will stay out well.

Breast pumps can be used before starting breastfeeding and after some time of breastfeeding the nipple may stay out and no additional procedure would be needed.

Inverted nipple remedies – breast cups

Women with inverted nipple can wear very special breast cups inside the bra over the breast with little opening in the middle which permit the nipple to project through.

Inverted nipple remedies – Niplette

Niplette is an effective and simple solution for flat and inverted nipples. Niplette offers pretty simple solution for inverted nipples – it is easy to use with effective results. Niplette pulls the nipple out into a small plastic thimble-like cup through gentle suction – delicate suction of the nipple into the little plastic thimble-like glass during minimum 8 hours.

Niplette is a discreet, non-surgical clinically proven method which helps nipples stay erected (“pop out”) after few weeks of daily use. It is recommended to use Niplette as much as possible during day time and at night.

Niplette is suitable for inverted nipple correction in cases of inherited (from birth) type of flat or inverted nipples – it can be gently used also during puberty. Secondary inverted nipples (suddently appeared, after surgery or after trauma, after inflammations) should not be treated with Niplette without doctor check up tests.

It is not recommended to use Niplette during last trimester of pregnancy.

Inverted nipple remedies – latching

Latching is the special tool produced by Lansinoh – it is inverted nipple latching method which often used before breastfeeding. It can draw out the nipple for minutes prior latching the baby on the breast. This method does not keep nipple “pop out” constantly – this is why it is not recommended as inverted nipple permanent solution.

Inverted nipple remedies – supple cup

Supple cup is a special device developed for flat and inverted nipples – it works much better for level nipples. Supple cup is sucking the nipple, making it normal.

This method is not as effective as Niplette but still can be used with some satisfaction.

Inverted nipple remedies – plastic surgery

Inverted nipples can be treated by cosmetic/plastic surgery. Each case should be evaluated properly and the effectiveness should be discussed with your doctor. The anatomical cause of inverted nipple is short lactiferous duct, which pull the nipple inward and prevents it from projecting out. During surgery usually the lactiferous ducts are sectioned out. This procedure may destroy the breast creating future health problems and problems for breastfeeding.

Unfortunately in some cases surgery effect does not last long (from 2 to 12 months).

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