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Light brown discharge

Vaginal discharge is the result of secretions produced from small glands in the lining of the vagina and the cervix. All women have a little discharge starting a year or two before puberty and ending after the menopause.

How much discharge a woman notices changes from time to time and it will change quite a lot between periods and during whole reproductive period (from 15 to 44). Different persons can have different volume of “normal” discharge depending on age, menstrual cycle, period duration, hormonal balance and sexual activities.

The amount of discharge varies from girls to girls and from woman to woman. Different persons have different opinions of what is normal. But if it always involves using panty shields, or changing protection or underwear several times a day, then it is probably heavier than normal.

The amount of discharge is often influenced by hormonal changes in the woman’s body. The week before a period, being pregnant or using the oral contraceptive pills are all typically associated with an increase in vaginal discharge. A normal physiological discharge is usually clear and/or transparent, creamy and/or very slightly yellow.


Light brown discharge

The light brown discharge is actually a mixture of blood remains and vaginal discharge. The presence of blood cells can give color to the vaginal discharge resulting in light brown discharge. Actually the color of your vaginal discharge can range from pink to brown – all color nuances depend on presence of blood cells which could be fresh or old. In general old blood gives brown color and mixed with vaginal secretion it can become light brown discharge.

Usually light brown discharge is not heavy like your periods – it could appear at different time (before period, after period, instead of period, in the middle of the menstrual cycle, unexpected irregular time).


Most common causes of the light brown discharge include pregnancy, vaginal atrophy, uterine polyps, perimenopause and menopause.


Early stage of pregnancy can be a cause for light brown discharge. In early pregnancy light brown discharge is usually harmless and caused by hormonal changes, fertilization and/or implantation. But sometimes it could be an alarming signal for pregnancy problems.

Several hormones are responsible for normal regular menstrual cycles. During pregnancy level of hormones is dramatically changed and it could trigger light brown discharge instead of regular period or can also trigger unexpected light brown discharge in early pregnancy. Actually light brown discharge could be the first pregnancy symptom.

If you are pregnant, the fertilized egg embedding into the uterus lining causing light bleeding. This kind of bleeding called implantation bleeding – it is harmless and lasts a day or two.

Sometimes light brown discharge could be a symptom of early miscarriage – it usually happens when pregnancy is not developing properly. Bleeding from a miscarriage don’t stop and becomes steadily heavier. Some women could have miscarriage even before they realize that they’re pregnant.

Unfortunately light brown discharge sometimes could be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy which usually happens when the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus (commonly in Fallopian Tubes). If you have an ectopic pregnancy, the bleeding may keep going and be dark and watery – light brown discharge. In all cases of ectopic pregnancy urgent medical interventions are needed.

Light brown discharge can be an alarming symptom of molar pregnancy which is pretty rare pathology. Molar pregnancy affects only about one in 1000 pregnancies. Molar pregnancy happens when the embryo doesn’t develop properly but some of the cells that form the placenta continue to grow and multiply. Molar pregnancy is pretty dangerous situation and emergency medical care is needed.


Perimenopause is a naturally occurring transition period of women life which is happening before menopause – it is the time when your body begins its transition into menopause. Perimenopause is the stage of women’s reproductive life that begins several years before menopause (2-8 years), when the ovaries gradually begin to produce less estrogens. It usually starts in women’s 40s, but can start in women’s 30s. The beginning of perimenopause and its length differ from case to case. During perimenopause women could experience several unusual symptoms including irregular light brown discharge and/or dark brown discharge, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, night sweats, insomnia and mood swings.

Vaginal Atrophy

In general the vaginal atrophy occurs due to loss of estrogen in the body (typical for menopause and/or other hormonal dysfunctions and/or cancer and chemotherapy). Drop in the level of estrogen makes the vaginal tissues thinner, less elastic, drier and more fragile. The blood vessels become weak, and more prone to bursting spontaneously. Vaginal atrophy quite often results in light brown discharge.

Uterine Polyps

Light brown vaginal discharge could be a symptom of uterine polyps. Fortunately uterine polyps are not common condition for women – uterine polyps are described as the growths which are attached to the inner wall of the uterus and are protruding into the cavity of the uterus. This is caused by the overgrowth of cells in the endometrium. The size of uterine polyps may range from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The outgrowths remain attached to the wall of the uterus by a thin stalk or a large base. Uterine polyps can occur as single or in group. The uterine polyps generally occur in women after 40 or in young women with hormonal dysfunction or in women during specific hormonal treatments. Light brown discharge will disappear if polyps will be removed or treated.

Cervical irritation and/or cervical polyps

Light brown discharge is very typical for cervical irritation and cervical polyps. Sometimes the cervix (opening of the uterus) could be irritated for several reasons (mainly cervical infections and hormonal changes). Pregnancy hormones can also change the surface of the cervix, making it more likely to bleed – it this cases women notice light brown vaginal discharge after intercourse.

Cervical polyps also can be a result of hormonal dysfunctions and could be easily treated and/or removed.

Hormonal treatment

Sometimes during intensive hormonal treatments for infertility or other medical conditions, women suffer from unexpected light brown discharge. Some women notice light brown discharge during IVF procedures or during similar treatments for infertility. Sometimes you can have light brown discharge because of the way your babies were conceived. Sometimes two embryos could be put into the uterus but after implantation one may not go on to develop. This is called a vanishing twin and it can trigger some light brown discharge or even some bleeding.

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  1. I have had brown spotting for 4 months
    I have recently seen a specialist and been diagnosed with Adenomyosis

  2. This morning I woke up with tan/light brown discharge on my underwear. I’m 13 and Ive never had my period???

  3. Almost 14th day of my periods I hve slight brown discharge. Ths month I had periods four days before the normal date nd 11th day frm period I had light brown discharge..

    • with this little info difficult to advice but it looks like you are taking birth control pills and sometimes missing pills

  4. I never really keep track of when I spot brown or light brown discharges but when I have it they usually stick around for 2-4 days (i rarely have it but they are on and off). I am a tomboy and I usually wear boxers, today when I went to the bathroom I realized some light colored blood in a silky form ( very little amount) with some watery transparent discharge after I pee. I was wondering what might caused it…it is because the boxer might have scratched my vagina that caused the bleeding or something else..

    • you should check on which days of your menstrual cycle you have brown discharge; if it is not correlated to the cycle, it could be your boxers or vaginal infection

  5. I’ve been on birth control for 5 years so have not had a period in 5 years I’m 21.. I just quit taking it and am having a milky light brown discharge I’m assuming it can’t be “old blood” since I haven’t had any bleeding. Do u know what this could be from? Just in case ur wondering I don’t have any symptoms like itching or smell.

    • it means you start birth control pills from 16 – for 5 non-stop years?!?
      At 16 you are still very young and your hormones are not developed fully – during 5 years birth control pills suppressed all female hormones and now your body will start recovering and it could take several months – just be patient and wait few months – brown discharge in your case means not enough hormones to make you normal menstruation

    • Hey, the doctor seemed so surprised you’d been on birth control 5 years and haven’t had a period. However, I’m 15 and have been on birth control since I was 13 and haven’t had one period apart from a few days and brown discharge now and then. My doctor has approved it and it’s safe so I don’t understand how the “doctor” is so shocked..

      • Dear Briany, this type of contraception is well known and used by thousands of women. Giving you this type of contraception is easy for doctors and parents because they just want to be sure that there will be no pregnancy. What about long term side effects and future reproductive function. At certain point you would like to have a baby. But the point is if you use it from very young age and for long period, all hormones are suppressed and nobody can know how your body will react after 5-10 years. Chances for hormonal dysfunctions and infertility are pretty high.

  6. I just finish my period some time last week, yesterday I realize this dark brown discharge and this morning when I got up I pee when I wiped I seen a little blood but it’s not as red as usual menstraul blood it was watery n light red

    • could be late uterine “cleaning”

  7. Hi Dr., so I am really worried of what’s going on with my body. According to the app I have I am on a 41 day cycle. In March I had my period from the 25-31st. Then I didn’t get my period at all during April, which was expected on the 25-26th but nothing. I finally got it on May 5-10. It is now June 5th and I haven’t gotten my period but since May 31st I have gotten lower back pain and on June 3rd I started having super light almost watery brown discharge after I pee till today. I am super worried because I don’t know when I ovulate and it’s scary because my husband and I tend to be intimate quite frequently. Is this just pmsing, ovulation? Am I even ovulating? I’m confused. Should I wait till the 15 to get my period since it’s on that 41 day cycle. Any help would be amazing. Thank you!

  8. 2 months ago I had what I think is a period it was extremely thick dark brown and not as watery as usual. Then I had a normal period about 25 days later. I’m about to expect my next period in about week and im have light brown discharge. Do you know why I may have had that thick period and now this light brown discharge? Thank you in advance!

    • could be inflammation

  9. I’ve had brown discharge the last couple of days, but I’m not sexually active, and I’ve never had to take medicine for anything having to do with my vagina. I’m only 16?

    • don’t worry – it could be stress, emotional disturbances, weight change, travel, change of diet, etc.

  10. I’ve had a period, a 5 day long spurt of brown discharge and another spurt of brown discharge which began 1 day ago in the space of 2.5 weeks

    • possible causes – birth control pills (missed pills, wrongly used pulls); hormonal dysfunction; endometriosis

  11. I had sex a month ago and my period ended a week ago. Yesterday morning I found the light brown discharge, which I am still receiving. Could this be spotting even though I had my period?

  12. I’m 57 haven’t had a period in over 10 years. Last month and now again today I have a light brown sticky discharge. It just seems to drop out of me. No other symptoms. Is this something I should be worried about. I’ve been on Premarin for 8+ years.

    • sometimes Premarin could be a cause for brown discharge BUT – many studies already noted that estrogens (like Premarin) after 50 could trigger cancer – it will be safe to visit your gynecologist and take test

  13. Hello, I am 13 and just got my period two weeks in a row. This is the first time it happened so I’m not too worried it’s an imbalance. I had never used tampons until this period so those are maybe a factor.I also recently had strep throat and got a yeast infection from the antibiotics. Five days after my period started it slowed and nearly stopped but I noticed a little blood in my underwear wondering now if it was discharge because I just had a little light brown discharge and have also been noticing occasionally itching. I’m hoping this is just and irregular period and some routine cleaning, but should I find a gynecologist and get checked out or am I alright and just let it resolved its self?

  14. My last period was May 25 thru May 31 2015 my app said I ovulated June 8 9 10 11 I had sex on June 8 and 9 and on June 11 I started spotting brown discharge and I’m still spotting now and it’s light brown discharge. Could it be my period coming . I’m suppose to start till June 26

    • if you had hormonal treatment for ovulation, it could be side effect of medicine or spotting because of super-ovulation (ovulation with big follicle);
      if you are having natural ovulation – it could be just ovulation spotting – most probably you are very stressed and stress making uterine contractions and spotting; check your basal temperature – //

  15. I just ended my period last week and I had a light brown discharge today what does it mean

    • many healthy women have 1-2 days brown discharge after period – it is OK

  16. I had intercourse and the day after i woke up with brown spot on my undies. I thought it was my period but i had just gotten it 14 days ago. I continued to spot dark brown/ light pink for two days now it stopped.. What could this be dr?

    • most probably it is just a small trauma after intercourse

  17. I have been having a light brown discharge for about a week now and some slight pains in my lower abdominal. I have irregular periods and a few months ago i was diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding so my periods has been slightly off. I haven’t had my period this month yet and I am worried. What can be the cause of this? I’m not having any vaginal pain just can sometimes feel when the discharge comes out.

    • it is your hormones – you need proper medical treatment

  18. I am a 15 year old girl, I have only hadthree periods. My first period in December of 2012, second one was March 2014, third one was December 2014, all lasted a week. Then January of 2015 I had light brown stuff in my underwear it almost looked like make up. It was very little but it lasted a little under a week. now it is June 2015 and I have the light brown stuff again. I was woundering if you had any clue what it could be due too?

    • menstrual cycle should be stabilized at 16 – normally you should already have regular periods – important to understand why you have brown discharge instead of periods – check your weight – your BMI should be 18.5 – 24.9 – check in – //

      • it the girl that asked the question, I checked my him and it is below normal. so I guess being underweight is why.

  19. Hi, I have been having light brown discharge since the day after my period was ended and it has been about 2 weeks now. Sometimes it slightly looks like blood. I’m not on any birth control pills. My period is not very regular either. I’m really worried, would you have any ideas of why this is happening? Thank you!

    • possible causes – stress? vaginal infection? medication? hormonal disturbances?

  20. I had period June it’s dark brown discharge to light brown creamy discharge. .I have copper iud and it’s in place. ..

  21. I have irregular periods and ive never kept track. When they come its random. I had intercourse last thursday (todays monday now) and when I wiped after, it looked like light brown/red blood color? So i thought i might have my period soon but nothing yet. It’s always light brown after i wipe after arousal? What does this mean? I took a pregnancy test and im not pregnant. On thursday and friday my side/lower back was slightly sore. Help?

    • sexual activities always trigger uterine contractions which resulted in brown discharge in cases of irregular periods – check all possible causes for irregular periods in – //

  22. I had a baby 6 months ago. My bleeding continued for 10-12 weeks postpartum — alternating between brown and red. I have had 3 periods since that have been normal. But every time in between periods 2-3x I have a dime size bubblegum textured light brown discharge. I do have off and on pelvic pressure but it’s more annoying than painful.

    • you need gynecological examination

  23. Hi Dr, I had unprotected sex about a week ago. I am currently on a contraceptive pill and have been for years. A few days after I had sex I realised I had a brown discharge (light brown and watery) and I’ve now had it for almost 5 days. Im due to come off my pill next week for the pill free week. I have no pain just discharge. I take my pill just before midnight every night, but a couple of times I may have taken it up to 40 mins late. Could the sex have been a little too rough and caused my cervical cells to become inflamed? What do you think? Thanks

    • sex can provoke uterus contractions and push some dark discharge down; sex can also make some trauma inside

  24. So I’m not 100% sure i started my period or not because I usually do not have brown discharge before (usually after). I began my period in November of 2014 and never had brown discharge before my period(not sexually active either), I missed my period last month also. This time the discharge started as a darker brown then kind of faded to be a lightish brown / pink then it goes to blood and starts over again. This has been happening for about 3 days now but the blood began today (kind of a medium flow when the blood comes). What is wrong with me?

    • you did not mention your age – most probably you are very young and your menstrual cycle is in the process of development

  25. I’m 16, and you could say I’m sexually active. I haven’t had sex but I gave my boyfriend oral, and I was on my period.I accidentally licked my finger, and I washed my hands several times with hot water and antibacterial soap. My period started on June 24th it usually lasts about a week. I’ve been having light brown discharge since Wednesday. I hadn’t gotten it all day, until I finished showering. It’s gooey, sticky like. As if I were ovulating. Please help…

    • if it happen only once, no problem – could be ovulation, stress, etc.

  26. I got my period June 26 and it ended 2 days ago (July 3) but it wasn’t a full period. It did last 7 days but it wasn’t as heavy as it normally is. But anyway since July 3 (today is July 5) I’ve been getting this brown creamy discharge. What does this mean? Oh any sexual activity I’ve been in is naked genital rubbing.

  27. last period was may 21 2015 and I missed my period last June.and I notice now that there is a watery light brown in my under ware with something smell.I’m worried.what it is?

  28. Hi. I’m 16 and I have never had sex but my boyfriend and I a week ago had..close to it like he rubbed his head around it and stuff like that. But no sperm was in direct into my vagina. Now I had ago bout light brown discharge only for a while like 10 hours a couple days before my period. Am I pregnant?

    • no sperm contact – no pregnancy; if you had normal period – no pregnancy

  29. Hi Dr. I am 22 Yo. Sexually active. my period comes every three weeks. Ever since my after my last menstruation, I still have been getting light brown discharges. No pain. When I clean inside, tiny bits of formed period comes out. What could this be? thank you.

    • it is not normal – gynecological examination could be recommended

  30. I am 39 and had a spontaneous miscarriage about two months ago. My periods had been irregular for aprox a year before I conceived – after the miscarriage I had a period lasting 7 days, pretty normal. This time I have had a ‘normal’ bleed for around 4 days, but the brown milky discharge hasn’t subsided and i’m now on day 13…Could it just be my body ‘getting back to normal’ or should I be concerned? Many thanks x

    • looks like complication after miscarriage – better to visit your gynecologist and exclude all vaginal infections

  31. Hello, I’m 23, my periods arent’t regular and my life is quite stressful right now. I’m sexually active. On th 28th of June I had unprotected sex, I was still on my period (4th day). Since then I have brown vaginal discharge everyday. Can it be an early sign of pregnancy?

  32. My period ended about two weeks ago. The past few days, I’ve noticed leakage. I think that it is urine, but I’ve noticed a slight light brown color to it, because I started wearing panty liners since it was soaking through my underwear. I thought maybe it was normal discharge, but it’s usually thicker; this is more like urine, but it’s light brown. I keep good personal hygiene, but I’ve noticed a smell that I’m not used to. I’ve tried reading about it–I don’t know if it’s from stress or what. I’m slightly concerned–should I be?

    • could be sexual arousal?

  33. Does light pinkish brown discharge once a day signify spotting if im sexually active and due for va period in 4 to 5 days

    • if it happen only after sex once, it is OK (especially few days before period)

  34. Im 30 turning 31 in january. Im having this browish color menstruation and this is the 3rd time. At first month that i had my period and it was mixed brown and red i was concerned but decided to wait for my next period. My next period after that was the same lightbrown but lasted longer than the previous one it lasted 3 or 4 days. Nowim having my period and this is the 3rd time im having a brownish color discharge.. i have a regular period monthly.. am i going to have a problem? Thank you in advance.

    • color of periods can be changed depending on hormonal changes and microbes

      • Hi Dr.
        I had my period for 10 days( first period) then I’ve been having this light brown, odorless/ slight smell , for 3 days. It’s mucus like. Not a lot in quantity but it’s some. Help!!!

        • sometimes first periods can be abnormal (very heavy, long or brown) – don’t worry – in general, first year can be also abnormal and irregular – discover more about first period in – //

  35. A few days ago I was sexually active with my boyfriend we didn’t have sex but he did fingered me and it was really rough…an hour or two after I started to get a light brown discharge.I am really concern because it’s been four days of the same thing. I haven’t had my period for the month and I’m started to get concern because it’s usually here by now. What does this mean?

  36. Hi. My husband and I are trying for a baby. We had intercourse and he came inside one time during my high ovulation period. (Based on app) couple weeks after that I started having cramps on the lower left side of my abdomen. Dull pains nothing extreme like a period. I should be expecting my period this week and today I noticed I had watery discharge with a tinge of brown blood. Soon after I saw red blood. Could this be my period after all or a sign of pregnancy? Thank you so much

  37. I had what I thought was my period for 2/3 days then I started having this light brown mucus like discharge and it kinda has a odor. What could this mean?

  38. Hello Dr.I’m 26yrs OK, I’ve been trying to get pregnet for the past 2yrs and nothing. I’m expecting my period around these days and yesterday I started spotting brown. I guess im discharging, I thought it was my period but today its a little more then yesterday but still brown with very little red. I have no symptoms of anything nor no smelly stuff.. What could it be?? Is it that I’m pregnant or should I check for something else?

  39. I’m 21 and I had my period over 2-3 weeks ago, and had sex I think the following week after my period ended. Since then I started spotting dark brown with a bit of blood 3 days after sex and 2 days duration, then it became light brown and it’s been like that for a week. Is it just recovering from a mild trauma in the uterus or could it mean something more?

  40. Ive been on birth control for two years now today my bf and i had sex when i went to pee i wiped and i seen brown discharge …all throughout the day i had no sign of it …idk if im pregnant or have abd infection hes the first person ive ever had sex with and has been for two and a half years now

    • sex can trigger uterus contraction which cause brown discharge

  41. I’m 26 yrs and I had my last period on July 3rd and lasted for 5 days.I have 28 day cycle. Me and my husband had unprotected sex on 8th and 9th of July but ejaculated outside. Twice I got brown coloured cervical mucus which was on 18th and 19th ,also felt periods like cramping for less than an hour.I am feeling tired all the time,had joint pain for few days ,feeling feverish and increased body temperature for the last 2weeks. Sometimes feeling nauseated for few minutes .could I be pregnant??

  42. Im 20 years old and I had really rough sex (labia swelling and pain) four days ago. Today i had heavy, light-brown discharge to the point where I needed to change underwear. He did not finish inside me but we did not use a condom. I had very slight cramping today as well. I am on birth control as well but i missed a pill and took it the next morning a few days before we had sex. I am due to start my period in about a week.

  43. I am 14, Ive had irregular periods my whole life. An I just recently noticed light brown discharge and sometimes kinda bloody? Idk whats going on

    • you are still very young and can have irregular periods; if you have light brown or bloody discharge instead of period, it means you don’t have enough hormones; for normal periods you need to have normal weight, healthy food, regular physical exercises and no stresses; in general irregular periods always have causes – you can check in – //

  44. I’m 19, and just this week I’ve been having light brown discharge, usually thick in texture, and even more after penetration. I haven’t had my period in 3 months and I’ve always been irregular, but was regular while I was on the pill that I stopped 3 months ago. The discharge only started once I became sexually active again after 3 months. I have no other symptoms incase it’s an STD, and I always use condoms since becoming active again. Any ideas what this is? Or what I should do?

    • I hope you are not pregnant; main cause of irregular periods is hormonal hypo-function – it can trigger brown discharge instead of normal period

      • Thank you so much for your help Dr. Doly! A few follow up questions:

        1. When I was active 3 months ago, before this recent one, I wasn’t very consistent with my pill, its been about 16 weeks since unprotected sex, I took only one pregnancy test, and it was negative, but what are the chances of going through a pregnancy with minimal symptoms by the 16th week? Should I be showing if I were? Would a 16 week pregnancy be detected with an external ultrasound? I’ve read about situations where their pregnancies were never detected with PT’s, but when they got an ultrasound they find out they are pregnant.

        2. I always know when I’m supposed to get my period because at the same time each month, I break out in pimples, but no blood. It’s been 2 weeks since that so this shouldn’t be period discharge?

        3. I’ve been experiencing sharp pains a few times a day that shoots through from the hole to inside. Light, but sharp. Any ideas what this might be?

        I’m just extra curious because this is the first time the thick brown discharge has ever happened and this is the longest I haven’t had my period despite my irregularity. Normally before, I’d get a little blood, but this one ranges from very light brown to brown only.

        Many thanks in advance!

        • 1). ultrasound could see already baby and during 16 weeks pregnancy you should have visibly increased breasts with darkened nipples, bloating stomach, etc. – check all in – //
          2). hormones could change with years
          3). sharp pain could be a symptom of many things – cyst, PID, fibroids, constipation, etc.

  45. I am a 23 year old female, last week I had my period while traveling in Puerto Rico and it ended on the 20th. On the 24th there was an incident where slightly rough sex happened unprotected after a night of too much drinking. The next day I began to notice light brown discharge and it’s now been three days since the incident and the discharge has become dark brown and heavier but it’s kind of watery. The incident has me a little stressed out and the other person says they are clean and were last tested in May and have only been with the same person since the test. I am on birth control and have been taking it but missed two pills around the same time as this all took place a few days apart. What could be causing this discharge and should I be concerned?

    • missed pills+rough sex=brown discharge

  46. I’m 17 and been on the pill for about a year, recently I stopped taking it because I needed a refill. today I had a doctors appointment but when I got up this morning to go pee, I had milky brown discharge & it was thick. could that be from not being on the pill for about a week? but I am also sexually active

  47. Im 23 and my OB diagnosed me with PCOS after taking povera i had my period then i started diane pills for 3 months including the 7days rest which helped for normal periods i already stopped for 2 months and i still had my normal periods until last week it was replaced by dark brown spotting it always last for 3 days then stop and now i got light brown very thick discharge. No symptoms other than the spotting. Could it also be due to stress? It scares me any help and advise from u you will do. Thanks

    • possibilities are pregnancy or medication side effect; sometimes it could be stress (but stress should be huge or long)

      • Thanks Dr. Dolly!! Btw My breast stings a little sometimes but not all the time.. And 1 time i suddenly got dizzy my nerves feel like shaking and i had short blurred vision. Could those things connected to the brown spotting im having? Btw the brown spotting comes 2x per week. Thanks!

  48. I am 26 with one child. I gave birth dec 2013 and started tking pills up to nov 2014. my period goes normal after i stop taking pills, and my app computed my average cycle as 33days. but last june 2015 i was 10days delayed, i was never delayed that long ever, i take preg test and it says negative. i was relief when my period still came. and just this last month i was expecting my period to came july 15-17 but up to this day there was no period. it was only few brown discharge for this last 3days not even enough to fill a panty liner. i take preg test july 27 and still says negative, i am experiencing vaginal dryness formaybe a month or two now and also itching on my pubic hair region. could be pregnant? or is theres something wrong? please help

  49. I am 25 years old. I have been noticing a light brown discharge with a patch of dark brown approximately 2 months now. I recall that I started taking a healthy hair growth vitamin called Viviscal around that time. However, this color discharge is not regular and I observe the usual off-white, clear or milky color discharge sometimes. Could the light drown discharge with a patch of dark brown be as a result of this vitamin or just coincidence? I like the vitamin though, seems to be working well for my hair but want to be sure that i am no causing harm to myself unintentionally. Please advice! thank you

    • Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Program is a 100% drug free dietary supplement that is scientifically formulated with the exclusive marine complex – it should not have influence at your menstrual cycle

  50. Hi i am 22 years old..
    Im experiencing a brownish discharge after having sex . 2 day from now but I just had period two weeks ago..

  51. Hi, Dr! I’m 17 years old. I should have gotten my period last August 2 or something but instead, brown substance came out since August 1. This is the first time I’ve experienced this. I’m really worried. I had sex once this month but we used protection and checked it afterwards and it wasn’t ovulation week. What is going on?

  52. i had my period on may for 3 days for the first time koz am a regular 7days and on the 11th of july i started and finished on 14th 15th and had unprotected sex on the 17th but after it i discover a light brownish discharge and we had series of sex after then and on the 21 but i used postinor the following day and now i have been having body pain,always getting tired in the morning and always feeling sleepy please what could be this.

    • two possibilities – postinor side effect or pregnancy

  53. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in April and started on Levothyroxine shortly after. I had no period during April. My next cycle began on May 5th and lasted for 17 days. The next cycle began on May 23rd and lasted for 35 days and was terribly heavy with clots. My hemoglobin dropped to 9.9. I then started some red and brown spotting on July 24th and am still currently having light brown discharge. Do you think this is related to my thyroid condition? Before this, I was regular in my cycles. My last TSH was normal back in July. Thanks!

    • sometimes levothyroine can cause menstrual disturbances; theoretically speaking, if the dose is well chosen, cycles should be normal; check more in – //

  54. Hi I am 4days late for my period. And experienced very light brown/pink discharge started yesterday. Not alot of it. Only a little bit on the underwear and when I wipe after toilet. It has now reduced from this morning and looks like it could have stopped.

    Is this implantation or too late for implantation. I read that implantation is normally a few days before expected period. Mine is a few days after expected period.

    I have been sick for a week now. Headaches, a little bit of a fever, a little nausea and feel very tired. The last couple of days i havent been sleeping well too.

    thankyou for your help

  55. Hello Doctor. I had sexual intercourse 3 days ago and I’ve had some slight cramping since and today I had some brown discharge??

  56. I am 17 years old. The last time i got my period is July 24. Me and my boyfriend had sex on july 26 that was my first time to have sex but it’s not totally he enter all his penis but after a few hours when i pee there’s blood it’s just only two spots. Then we did it again August 9 and we had sex again then after that there’s a blood again. And in the past few days until now there’s a brown stuff in my underwear. Im expecting to have a period this coming august 24. Am i pregnant? I really need your reply doc. Thank you!

  57. I am 21 years old. Me and my fiance are sexually active and think I may be pregnant, though it has only been 2weeks since my missed period. All tests have been negative but ive had similar symptoms to pregnancy. This morning however I woke up to tan/brown discharge, about the size of a dime. And later in the afternoon when I wiped there was a little then. Any thoughts?

  58. Hi, I’m 20, and I’ve just had sex five days ago, we used a condom, but lately for a few days I’ve been getting light brown vaginal discharge and I’m afraid of what it might be, should I see a doctor about it? My period is still around two weeks away so I’m a bit worried if it might be pregnancy.

  59. Hi,
    I am 22 years old. I am sexually active. I had sex using only the withdrawal method on August 5th (almost three weeks ago). Last Friday (the 21st), I had some brown spotting- very light. I had a little bit Friday and a little on Saturday and then it stopped. I thought maybe my period was coming but it has been three days of nothing. I don’t have a regular period- 28 days. Mine is longer, about 39 days (I have a period tracker app). I’m expecting my period in a week so it isn’t late. I’m just worried that I could be pregnant.