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Normal Weight – Body Mass Index

Many girls are keeping asking questions about normal weight. Most popular questions are: What is my normal weight? How to check if my weight is up to standards? What are indicators for beautiful body? Is my weight normal? What is fat food? Am I tall enough? How to calculate and to interpret the Body Mass Index? Do I have the right weight?

Young girls dream about having bodies which are comparable with famous models, permanently thinking about normal weight, fitness, weight control, diet, food calories, overweight, obesity and weight watch.

First, it is important to highlight that “normal weight” understanding can be different for people of different nationalities, generations, professions, centuries, believes, etc. But at the same time there is a “normal weight” which is recognized by traditional medicine which is an indicator for measuring health and illness. This indicator called Body Mass Index (BMI). Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

Obesity – high BMI

Normal Weight – BMI tables

You can use BMI to see whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight, obese or extreme obese. Use the body mass index table to find your BMI.

Step 1. Choose your height in the left-hand column

Step 2. Move across in the same row to the number closest to your weight.

Step 3. Discovered number at the top of that column is your BMI.

Step 4. Check the word above your BMI to see whether you are normal weight, overweight, obese or extreme obese.

Step 5. If you did not find your weight on first table, discover your weight indicator on second table (see below).

BMI table 1

Normal weight?

BMI table 2

How to calculate and how to interpret the Body Mass Index read on next page.

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