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Lose fat – transform your body

How to lose fat? It is critical that we truly understand that losing the not appreciated fat is about 90% due to nutrition and only 10% or so due to exercise. Shocking? – Well, it’s actually very easy to demonstrate. Roughly calculating, if you grab 2 slices of bread and in between put 2 slices of cheese, 1 slice of ham and some salad, then this little snack comes up to about 450 kCal of energy and maybe you don’t even feel satisfied after this. And 450 kCal is about how much you’d burn in an hour with a moderate activity on a stationary bike.

So if that day you went to the gym and had a moderate 1 hour of activity, but you still ate “the regular” there is most likely not going to be any fat loss and you would most likely be rather disappointed for having no result from your weekly efforts.

“Exercising without eating the proper foods is like plowing a field and not putting any seed into the ground. Nothing would grow out of it.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lose Fat

But now you know it and there is no more excuse for making the same mistakes! Again, 90% is nutrition, 10% is exercise. Exercise is still needed for a multitude of reasons (see reasons), but for losing fat and transforming your body to what you love to see in the mirror is nutrition, nutrition and nutrition.

Finally, I would like to offer you a very short formula, which does not take several pages of reading and which is very easy to remember. If you do follow this formula it is biologically guaranteed that you will achieve the results you want.

LOSE FAT – everyday formula:

5 times bio food the size of your fist every 3/4 hours + only water + 1 hour of any movement = your success


– At any time that you think about food you must drink a glass of water.

– Bio food here means only natural things. Nothing in a box, can, jar, carton. Nothing processed. For example, apple instead of apple juice. Cook yourself lean chicken and/or fish instead of processed meats like sausages or other. Brown bread and not white bread. Etc., etc., etc.

– Only water means drinking only water, still or fizzy is ok. Reason is that even healthy orange juice for example contains 50 kCal per 100ml and they usually sell 1 litre cartons, which is maybe 3 glasses, but 1 litre is 10 x 100ml = 10 x 50 kCal = 500 kCal just from few glasses of orange juice.

– 1 hour of any movement means just that. Do not be aggressive because you will get really tired and will want to eat much more. Try to make a moderate 1 hour exercise, but every single day. Exercise can be walking, swimming, or anything else where your heart rate is continuously up for 1 hour (love making included).

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