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Weight Loss Success story 15

Weight loss success story – Top Six Dieting Tips

How Natalie Cassidy lost her weight? With her pretty special pictures, it looks amazing how she did that! It can also be seen on her fitness video last year. So, if you want to be in an amazing bikini, here are her top six dieting tips:

  Cutting out crabs after 6 pm. The old but effective “after six”. You can sleep better if you will choose this one.

  Cutting out alcoholic drinks. Better drink water, it can remove toxics in your body.

  Piling your plate with steamed vegetables. Vegetables consist of fibers which are easy to digest.

  Working at three times a week at the gym or with a fitness video. This can also release your stress from works.

Weight loss success story

  Finding a hobby. Hobbies that cab help you avoid snacking.

  Don’t worry about few pounds. Just be comfortable between 8st 1lb and 8st 8lb.

  No need to panic as long as you’re continuing with these tips.


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