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Weight Loss Success story 14

Success Story: Laney Solomon

Name: Laney Solomon
Age: 42
Start weight: 218
Current weight: 131

What was really killing me:

The pain! After weighing more than 200 pounds for years, my body just couldn’t bear the burden of carrying so much extra weight anymore.

What makes your back particularly vulnerable to pain? – Find out here.

My wake-up call:

I was struggling to have a second child and suffering from depression.
By the way – Depression tends to affect women more than men.

Success Story: Laney Solomon

What I changed:

My whole approach to dieting and eating! I’ve learned to listen to the universe instead of fighting it.

  I switched to a slow and steady approach to weight loss rather than a quick fix diet.

  I started eating smaller meals every couple of hours to keep my metabolism going, and I went out of my way to eat five servings of colorful fruits and veggies every day.

  I started eating high-fiber oatmeal with flaxseeds every morning for breakfast.

  I gave up soda and caffeine and started drinking water instead.

  I started getting up early every day to exercise for at least an hour. If I can’t get outside or to the gym, I stay home and do a workout DVD.

  I’ve embraced the notion of moderation, especially when it comes to my biggest temptations, like chocolate.

How my life has changed:

My whole demeanor has changed. I feel more self-confident and more comfortable in my skin, and that shows. I’m not in pain, and I deal with stress so much better. I’ve also found my “inner athlete” and now run 10Ks on a regular basis.

What kept me motivated and on track:

Seeing results. I set small goals that were obtainable while having my bigger goal in mind. First, I wanted to get below 200 pounds, then I wanted to buy clothes without an X in the size, then I wanted to weigh less than my husband, then I wanted to weigh less than the fake weight on my license. They were small goals that meant a lot to me. Now, having a 10K to train for and run in helps me keep the weight off.

What I really love about the new me:

Being happy and healthy for my family, especially my daughter. I feel better in my body, my mind, and my spirit. I am happier because I’ve learned to listen and trust my body.


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