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Weight loss

WEIGHT LOSS – how to lose weight?


Weight loss strategy: Do eat more often, but less quantities. This helps keep our metabolism high (this is the process of breaking down foods into energy). Having an efficient metabolism means body will use energy at a faster rate and therefore fat stores will go down.

Don’t skip breakfast. The body has gone without food for many hours after you went to bed and it is in dire need of energy when you wake up. If you don’t eat breakfast then: (a) your metabolism will be slow (b) you are more likely to stuff yourself at lunch and (c) you are just going against the natural way of things.

Do replace any fatty foods that you can (slowly over time) with healthier alternatives that you also enjoy. Never replace things you like with healthy things you hate, because it will not hold up for long term and will backfire.

Weight control

Don’t forget to drink water. If you don’t drink it, the body will give you the signal of being hungry and you will end up eating for no reason. Try to keep water always near you and drink often and as much as you want (water is the only substance you can safely intake as much as you want).

Do go out and enjoy yourself. Just try to keep the alcohol to a minimum. Take (white) wine if you can, it has the least calories. Definitely stay away from anything that clearly tastes sweet. Alcohol dehydrates you big time, so after such drop in the water of your body, you become really hungry.

Let’s see a bit more closely how we can accomplish these do’s and don’ts in our busy and often complicated lives.

For reducing quantities – try not to finish any dish you take. Eat majority of what you bought, but always leave a portion. If you are unable to do this, then buy portions for one person only, so don’t cook a huge meal “supposedly” for several days.

Weight control

For not skipping breakfast – put a bowl of apples near the door. Grab an apple as you go to work or school and eat it on the way.

For replacing fats – pick chicken breast instead of other parts. If there is a slice of fat on the meat, just cut it off with the knife and leave it. If you see potatoes with melted cheese and ones without, take ones without.

For drinking water – keep one bottle near the computer, one near bed, one in the car, one on your desk in the office or your bag if in the school. Literally keep water near you. Trust me, often we will not walk even 2 steps to get a glass we are so lazy sometimes 🙂

Weight loss – Transform your body

Alcohol. This is something that makes people move and socialize, which is a good thing. And there are so many drinks to choose from. Exactly! So drink this: (1) if you can take water, it looks like vodka! (2) next best is mix white wine with fizzy water – takes great and better choice! (3) take wine (4) here it gets really bad already. Mix vodka with diet coke or beer.

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