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Menstrual cycle in generations

It is already proved that menstrual cycles are genetically and hormonally determined. What does it mean practically? It means in most cases and in many families the type of menstrual cycle, the duration of the menstruation, the fertility, the age of beginning of the period and the age of menopause are very similar in all female generations starting from grand-grandmother to grand-mother to mother and to grand- daughters.

Do you want to know how and when your period will start– just speak with your grand-mother.

Do you want to know if you are going to have intensive periods – just ask your mother.

Do you want to discover your fertility – just collect the information from your genealogical tree (female part).

You will be pleased and surprised how much you can discover from reproductive life of your grand-mother and your mother.

Three Generations of Women

Menstrual cycle – Three Generations of Women

Three Generations of Women

There is another very interesting factor about menstrual cycle in same family. In XX century scientists observed very specific phenomenon wherein the menstrual cycle of females family members living together or living in close quarters were synchronized – actually women will have menstrual periods almost at the same time and menstrual cycles were working synchronized. This phenomenon was called “menstrual synchrony” – it has been found in room-mates, sisters, close friends, lesbian couples and most strongly between mothers and daughters. Menstrual synchrony was also observed in women prisons, convents, bordellos and/or dormitories.

Scientists suggested that ovulation could be somehow “socially regulated” and synchronized – leading to so called “menstrual synchrony” (“McClintock effect”). Discover more on next page “McClintock effect – Periods Synchronized”.

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