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Natural breast cancer prevention

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women – it affects one in eight women during their lives. Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in females worldwide. About 80% get breast cancer after 50. Breast cancer rates are much higher in developed nations compared to developing ones.

Nobody knows why some women get breast cancer but main risk factors are clearly identified. Some risk factors cannot be prevented (age, genes, early menarche and late menopause) but several risk factors can be prevented (cancer triggering foods, overweight, hormone replacement therapy, birth control pills, late motherhood). Eating habits and lifestyle are crucial in breast cancer development.

It is much easier to prevent breast cancer than treat it. This is why today we will speak about cancer triggering foods.

Natural breast cancer prevention – how to decrease risks naturally

Every woman can prevent breast cancer and can control risk factors if she would know what exactly should be done.

During last decades several studies focused on how our diet and changes in our food supply impact our risks for developing breast cancer.

Every day body cells are damaged by environmental toxins, by smoked nicotine, by ultraviolet radiation from sun, by microbes and viruses, by inflammation and other factors. But human body is well “designed” and can quickly repair cells’ damages at the level of each cell’s DNA. But sometimes damage is much bigger than body potentials and resources and if some cells cannot be fixed in time, they either die or multiply as a damaged cell. Multiplication of damaged cells can be considered as a start point for cancer development. Important point is that human body can mobilize to fix any cells that it finds damaged. Regular every day food consumption can either add to the damaging stress to body cells, or it can add to the body’s potential resources for fixing damaged cells. And it is up to you to choose “bad food” and continue damaging body cells and increase risks for breast cancer OR to choose healthy food and help body to repair damaged cells.

Natural breast cancer prevention – Avoid Sugar


Sugar is the “favorite fuel” for cancer and it is very important component in the development and growth of cancer cells. Several studies confirm that sugar directly feeds cancer cells and makes faster grow and spreading of cancer.

It is clear that avoiding sugar you can prevent and even stop cancer cells’ grow and development. Avoiding sugar in your daily diet means to avois not only sugar itself but also all products with artificial sweeteners.

It is not easy to avoid sugar because of several factors:

You are used to consume sugar starting from childhood and every year food providers are increasing the volume of very tasty sweet products in the market;

Modern commercial supermarkets supply foods which already have certain portion of sugar which is making customers food addicted;

Almost all pre-prepared or processed foods have certain portion of sugar in it and you cannot control sugar consumption if you are processed food user.

Every person should develop specific personal strategy for avoiding sugar by excluding sugar from diet, by reducing fruit juices full of fructose, by avoiding processed food, by avoiding dessert and candied snacks, etc.

Important to know that some healthy products foods have a high glycemic index, which means that body can quickly convert used product into sugar, having the same effect on damages cancerous cells. Scientists confirm that foods such as wheat products, oats and most starches can be easily and fast broken down to sugar in the bloodstream so that it feeds cancer cells in the same way pure sugar would do.

Natural breast cancer prevention – Avoid dairy products

Dairy products

Dairy products have huge impacts on women breasts. Milk is kind of “growth factor” (baby grow is the best example of it). Milk naturally promotes the fast growth of cells in general and breast tissue is very sensitive to it.
In laboratory tests milk stimulates multiplication of cells which is happening much faster in breast tissue.
In most cases farmers collect big amount of milk during or after animal pregnancy which means milk can be full of natural estrogens and hyperestrogenia is one of risk factors for breast cancer development especially after 50.

In addition, modern farmers feed animals with grains grown with pesticides, which are very strong stimulators of estrogen-sensitive breast tissues. Pesticides can also provoke breast cancer development and spreading.

Bottom line is – breast tissue is very sensitive to milk and estrogens; and dairy products can encourages the growth and division of not only healthy cells but also cancerous cells. So better avoid dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Natural breast cancer prevention – Avoid “bad” fats

Bad fats

It is well known that human body needs some fats but it is recommended to use only healthy fats which include olive, coconut, avocado and walnut oils.
“Bad” fats (corn, vegetable and sunflower oils; synthetics or artificial fats; margarine) can trigger inflammation processes in the body and inflammation itself can provoke cancer development.
Important to know that most restaurants use cheap oils for food preparations and you should be very careful and choose high quality restaurant to avoid “bad” fats.

Natural breast cancer prevention – Avoid meat

First of all, it should be mentioned that grass-fed meat is not dangerous and if you have your own grass-fed animals or if you have a chance to buy only grass-fed meat, it is OK.

But meats that are fed grain will have pesticides concentrated in the fat. At the same time, some farmers use hormones and antibiotics in milk production and collection processes. And it is already mentioned how dangerous can be pesticides, hormones and antibiotics for breast tissue.

Several studies already demonstrated that having less meat in your diet lowers you risks for breast cancer development. Better to switch to fish, vegetables and fruits.

Special attention should be paid to Anticancer Diet and Anticancer Spices which can not only prevent breast cancer but can also help to survive after mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation.

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