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Signs of decidual bleeding

Signs of decidual bleeding – QUESTION

During last 4 years we are trying to concive. I have irregular periods and anovulation. Recently my gynecologist starts hormonal stimulation of ovulation and during last few months I had regular periods. But last week I was expecting my period – it was late, short and very unusual. My doctor said it could be decidual bleeding. What are signs of decidual bleeding?

Signs of decidual bleeding – ANSWER from experts

Decidual bleeding?

  Decidual bleeding is “period-like” bleeding;

  The color of the decidual bleeding is darker (brown) and redish during periods;

  Basal temperature is always high (37.0-37.3) during decidual bleeding and low (36.6-36.8) during regular menstrual period;

  In most cases during decidual bleeding women have tender and swollen breasts which is not the case during menstrual periods;

  Usually during decidual bleeding the pregnancy test is positive (in 99% cases).

Decidual bleeding

Women health is very complicated and depends from many factors (especially from sex hormones). During pregnancy women face so called “hormonal storm” and decidual bleeding could be a part of it. If your body continued to have regular menstrual periods while you were pregnant, it would be shedding the uterine lining that helps nourish the baby every month. Biologically speaking, this wouldn’t make much sense. Therefore, the spotting or bleeding during pregnancy many women experience is caused by something other than normal periods.

It is always better to have consultation with your doctor.

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