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Smoking during contraception


It is already several years I am using birth control pills and recently I start smoking. My doctor said there are several risks when you smoke during using birth control pills and she suggested changing my contraception method. But pills are very effective for contraception and I would like to continue birth control pills. Why smoking is forbidden during contraception with birth control pills?

ANSWER from experts

Women health is very complicated and it depends on several factors including cyclic female hormones production. It is well known that birth control pills reduce women hormones to be able to prevent ovulation and possible pregnancy. At the same time, smoking also reduce the concentration of female hormone estrogen which is provoking more severe side effects from birth control pills in combination with smoking.

Smoking cigarettes while taking birth control pills dramatically increases risks of heart attack for women over 35. Smoking is far more dangerous to a woman’s health than taking birth control pills, but the combination of oral contraceptive pill use and smoking has a greater effect on heart attack risk than the simple addition of the two factors.

Smoking during contraception with birth control pills increases a woman’s risk of having an ischemic stroke (three times more likely in pill users than in nonusers) or a hemorrhagic stroke (three to four times that of nonusers), according to a large World Health Organization (WHO) study.

NO smoking during birth control pills


Earlier you start smoking, earlier you can experience health problems such as:

– Menstrual dysfunction – irregular periods;

– Reduced fertility – infertility;

– Early menopause – osteoporosis;

– Heart problems – heart disease;

– Different types of cancer;

– Short life – premature death.

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