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Stress balls

Actually the stress ball is a simple small malleable toy which can be squeezed in the hand and manipulated by the fingers. It was proved that stress balls help relieve the stress and muscle tension.

Millions of women suffer from stress every day and easy stress management and control becoming really necessary. Stress balls could be considered as easy effective stress relief method and stress balls could be recommended to many women – they could be used easily any time any anywhere (while on the phone, during meetings, while reading, during relaxation). The goal of any form of stress management (including stress balls) is to shift the mind away from stressful thoughts, allowing the body and mind to calm down.

Stress could create negative health concerns if you begin to feel overwhelmed and out of control. Each woman should be able to prevent and/or manage the stress and each woman must explore techniques to help her manage her stress.

Stress balls

Stress balls are just one of stress management methods (technique) which could be easily used. Market is full of stress balls but each woman should select the one which is most effective for her.

Neon Smile Face Stress Balls

– A fun assortment of silly stress balls.

– Squeeze these balls and all your stress will melt away.

– 2 Dozen per set.

– Assorted neon colors.

– Balls have yarn hair.

– 2 Inch Rubber balls.

Neon Smile Face Relax Balls (1 dz)

– Neon Smile Face Relax Balls (1 dz)

– These fun relax balls will make you smile.

– Squeeze this bright assortment of balls to help relax on a stressful day.

– Kids also love these balls as fun party favors.

– 1 Dozen per set

– Assorted bright neon colors

– 2 1/2″ Foam balls

Stress Balls Benefits

Health benefits from stress balls depend on how you use stress balls, which kind of stress balls you use and how often you use your stress balls. Following the logic of Chinese alternative medicine, the stimulation of pressure points in the hand is important because it is believed that these pressure points connect to vital organs such as the heart, stomach and neck, all traditional sites of stress buildup. According to Western medicine, the health benefits of stress balls come from the release of muscle tension.

When women are in stress, they usually need to do something with their hands or transfer tension to different parts of body. Squeezing and/or rolling stress balls keep hand busy and focus the tension on hands – stress balls can improve circulation and release muscular tension at all. It is recommended to use deep breathing technique during squeezing stress balls – if combined with deep breathing and placing all of your attention on the stress balls, you turn the activity into a relaxation and meditation exercise.

Stress Balls Types

Modern stress balls come in many varieties – produced from different materials and shaped very differently. Some stress balls could be standard soft or hard; some could have different colors and textures; some could have shapes of fruits, animals, funny objects, people or even body parts; some stress balls could vibrate or change colors and shape as you use them. Stress balls could be produced from different materials including chrome-plated metal, foam, rubber, gels or household materials.

While the Chinese stress balls were traditionally made of iron, they evolved into other materials such as wood, precious stones, metal or glass.

Farm Animal Relaxable Balls

– A fun assortment of farm animal shaped relaxable balls.

– These foam balls come assorted in the shown animals.

– 12 Assorted farm animal balls.

– 2 1/4″ Balls

– Foam relaxable balls

Chinese Stress Balls

According to Chinese medicine balls for stress stimulating hand acupressure points which are creating positive effects on whole body. Chinese balls for stress or so called “Baoding balls” are hard and meant to be rotated in the palm of the hand while keeping even and constant contact between them.

The Chinese balls for stress are used to reduce stress by rotating them in one hand, usually in pairs, which is believed to stimulate acupressure points in the nervous system. In their flexible contemporary forms, balls for stress are squeezed for a few seconds, held closed and released to relieve muscle tension.

Who invented stress balls?

Balls for stress are coming from Chinese culture during the Ming Dynasty. The earliest form of modern balls for stress was small balls of iron made by a blacksmith in the town of Baoding – this is why in nowadays balls for stress could be called “iron balls” in Boading, China.

First stress ball originated in Heibei, China during the Ming Dynasty in 1368 A.D. At that time people already observe that stress can be managed by use of hands (keeping hand busy). First balls for stress were known as Baoding Balls (or Chinese Health Balls) – these balls were made of solid metal but today they are made of chrome with tiny chimes inside. The use of heavy balls for stress were meant to flow and rotate and create a weighted pressure in the palm of the hand relieving tension by weighing on the pressure points in the hand. The theories behind using Chinese balls for stress were to increase circulation throughout the body. All ten fingers are connected to the cranial nerves and other nerves throughout the human body.


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