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UTI natural remedies

The basic symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI) is burning sensation with pain while urinating, a frequent urge to urinate, uncomfortable pressure above the pubic bone, and experiencing fullness in the rectum. Although natural remedies are well known for UTI, it is important to visit your doctor and check some analysis. If UTI is treated improperly, a urinary tract infection may spread to the kidneys.

Natural remedies for UTI give an opportunity to get complete cure for the sufferers of urinary tract infection. Although there are numerous medicines available for curing the urinary tract infection, home remedies play an important role in curing this medical condition.

Drink plenty of fluids on a daily basis. Preferably water, but almost any liquid beverages will do. However, you should avoid coffee, alcoholic beverages and sodas. On average it is best to drink 10-12 glasses of fluids (preferably water) a day to maintain proper hydration and to dilute and flush out the substances that are causing the irritation. Drinking water leads to excellent urine flow, which in turn clears up the body by throwing out all unwanted foreign particles.
If UTI clients won’t take sufficient quantity of water, the urine stays in the bladder, which helps the bacteria to get multiplied.

UTI – Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice, by far the most renowned natural remedy, has been clinically proven to have antibacterial properties that restrict bacteria from adhering to the urethral tissue or bladder. Cranberry juice should be unsweetened. Unsweetened juice can often be found in health food stores. Cranberry or blueberry juices in their pure form or at the most sweetened by apple or grape juice can disinfect the urinary tract to a great extent.
Cranberry juice (Vaccinium macrocarpon or Vacinnium oxycoccus) has been used for more than a century as a home remedy to prevent and treat urinary tract infection.

Baking Soda Cocktail – Mix half a teaspoon of baking soda in an eight-ounce glass of water. This cocktail should be taken twice daily. This baking soda home remedy will raise the pH (acid-base balance) of your urine, which is acidic and irritating. At the same time the baking soda eliminates bacteria and fungi which cause chronic urinary tract infections.
As soon as a person notices the initial UTI symptoms, use the mixture of a half-teaspoon of baking soda and eight ounces of drinking water.

Uva ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) is a herb that is used as a folk remedy for certain types of urinary tract infection. Taking uva ursi is another great method for treating a bladder infection. This supplement has been commonly used for years to treat glandular and urinary infections, and is highly effective in curing bladder infections as well. The antiseptic properties of the plant also ease swelling in the bladder to not only kill bacteria present, but also alleviate most of the discomfort associated with a bladder infection. Uva ursi is one of the great natural cures for bladder infection, but should not be taken for a lengthy amount of time, as toxic side effects may occur.

People with kidney or liver disease or pregnant or nursing women or children should not take uva ursi.
Side effects of uva ursi can include brown or green colored urine, nausea, ringing in the ears, or indigestion. Rarely, uva ursi has been associated with retinal damage, seizures, cyanosis, cancer, or even death when taken in large amounts for long periods of time.

Agothosma betulina, commonly known as the buchu shrub, is mostly regarded for its healing effects on the urinary tract. It has some antiseptic properties, and when combined with its diuretic capability, it can kill and wash away any bacteria inhabiting your urinary tract, making it one of the most used natural cures for bladder infections. Buchu has also been shown to alleviate the symptoms of mild urinary tract infections and even help with irritable bladder syndrome.

Lemon balm, while generally used as a mild sedative, also has some antibacterial properties which could prove to make it one of the most effective natural cures for bladder infections. There are absolutely no side effects associated with using lemon balm, so it can be used as long as you wish.

Aromatherapy finds it place for treating UTI. The common oils used for aromatherapy are Juniper and thyme essential oils, sandalwood essential oils, and eucalyptus oil.

Herbs such as uva ursi (available in capsules) help to counteract urinary tract infections. For effective result of this herb, you should take alkaline rich diets including fruit juices, fruits and milk.
Aromatherapy is a great step for urinary tract infection treatment at home. Collect oils of bergamot, frankincense, tea tree, juniper and sandalwood. Mix all these oils and apply it on the bladder region. Continue the massaging until the urinary tract infection symptoms settle.

Increased ingestion of Vitamin C develops an acidic atmosphere in the urinary tract, which stops the growth of bacteria. This can help ease chronic urinary tract infections. Periodical intake of tincture every one hour also helps in eradicating the UTI.

Reflexology. Working on the UTI sufferer’s feet especially at the kidney and bladder points of the feet proves to be effective in containing UTI. Even you can use golf ball technique to work the adrenal gland and kidney points on both hands.
Other home remedies for urinary tract infections include the hot compression and reflexology, which are externally applied on the body to rule out the infection.

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