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Bad food for skin

It is well known that your diet has direct influence at your skin quality and skin appearance. Food can affect your skin in both ways – positively or negatively.  Generally speaking “You are what you eat”. Your skin needs healthy food and water. This is why it is very important to know what is bad food for skin.

Never underestimate the importance of the quality of food you are using every day during whole your life! Never underestimate the important of skin diet and skin natural hydration.

Not healthy diet and some food chemicals could trigger skin problems – acne, itching, inflammation, allergy, unexpected fine lines or wrinkles.

When you eat, always remember that your food should help your skin look younger and healthier. Some categories of food can cause you to have bad skin including premature aging, wrinkles, tired looking skin or even break outs. The food you eat affects your skin – some foods are really good for skin but several foods are not good for your skin and you should try to avoid it.

Bad food for skin

Non-Organic Food is a bad food for skin

In general non-organic food is not good for your health and especially for your skin. Usually non-organic food contains hormones, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or other unpleasant chemicals. Several mentioned food chemical were recognized as risk factors for variety of diseases and health conditions. Human body cannot recognize these chemical in most cases which is triggering inflammatory response from protecting body cells.

Our skin “likes” organic food full of vitamins, minerals and water. Our skin needs healthy food elements for keeping skin metabolism normal – this is the only way to keep skin healthy and younger (avoiding premature aging). At the same time our skin “rejecting” non-organic food full of risky chemicals.

Bad quality or not known quality meat is a bad food for skin

Our grandmothers were always eating meat from “healthy” farms and actually no industrial meat was available. But modern civilization is forced to produce huge quantities of meat which is produced thanks to modern industrial farming methods. In most industrial farms animals are fed a cocktail of steroids, growth hormones and antibiotics – these elements enter our body with meat and could cause hormonal imbalances. As a result women could experience skin inflammation and/or acne.

Another bad food for skin is processed meat – increased levels of salt and chemicals in processed meat could leach moisture from the skin, develop premature wrinkles, damage skin collagen, leaving the skin dull and lifeless.

All junk food with meat should be avoided – even your favorite junk sandwiches made in fast food industry. But you can make yourself healthy sandwiches with chicken breast without any industrial additional adding.

Some dairy is a bad food for skin

In general the dairy is a healthy food but dairy from “industrial animals” or from commercial “chemical factories” should be avoided. Animals in food industry are fed special hormones to keep them lactating whole year, which doubles their milk production. Imagine how much hormones we can receive from milk, yogurt, cheese, ice-cream and other milky products. Involuntary received hormones could trigger skin inflammation, acne and some other hormone related skin conditions.

If you like dairy products, try to eat mainly yogurt because the fermentation process eliminates the most of hormones.

Fried fat food is a bad food for skin

In general the processed food is bad for health because due to processing, food loses most of important vital nutrients. At the same time, processed food contains several chemicals (preservatives, artificial food colors and other chemical additives) which can trigger skin allergy or negative skin conditions.

Everybody knows that antioxidants are good for our body and oxidants are bad. Fried fat food is full of oxidants which could contribute to poor circulation of the blood in the skin and weakened metabolic processes at skin level. As a result our skin could experience lack of oxygen – unfortunately decreased levels of oxygen can disturb collagen and elastin syntheses in the skin. Damaged skin collagen and elastin would change the skin appearance and elasticity.

It is very important to avoid oily and fat food. During cooking oil and fat release toxins and free radicals which could not only trigger premature skin aging, line and wrinkles but could also increase the risks of skin break outs.

Artificial food supplements are bad food for skin

Nowadays the food industry is making us addicted to several types of food thanks to hundreds of sweeteners, colorings and flavorings. They all are chemicals which should be avoided – these chemical could trigger skin inflammation and skin allergy.

Presently many women use food supplements which are not always secure. Please check all ingredients in your food supplement and be sure that all unhealthy chemicals are avoided.

Sugar (increased doses) is a bad food for skin

It is well known that excess sugar could weaken our immune system, and when our immune system is suppressed, it cannot fight skin bacteria. Increased numbers of bacteria could cause increased levels of toxins in the skin and as a result we could experience different bacteria related skin conditions including acne, rosacea, demodex.

Don’t forget that several soft drinks also contain increased levels of sugar (even so called “dietic drinks”. So always check level of sugar in all types of food you are consuming regularly.

Coffee and caffeine (increased doses) is a bad food for skin

It is important to know that caffeine is not only a part of our daily coffee but caffeine is present also in tea, hot chocolate and some soft drinks. Scientists discovered that increased levels of caffeine trigger increased levels of cortisol (so called “stress hormone”) which could be responsible for premature skin aging, spots and thin skin. Caffeine could be also responsible for skin dehydration and dry skin or decreased skin moisture. Caffeine makes skin look “tired” and “old”.

Alcohol is a bad food for skin

Alcohol is bad for skin because alcohol is keeping skin dry, irritating it and making skin radish with visible swollen blood vessels (vasodilatation).

Alcohol is also bad for liver because regular use of alcohol is decreasing liver detoxication. Increased levels of body toxins are not healthy for our skin and can also trigger several skin conditions.

Salt is a bad food for skin

Salt can harm you skin. Everybody knows that salty food has better taste but not always tasty food is the best for our skin.

It is well known that salt causes tissues to swell and salt is reducing the skin elasticity. This is why salt is known for causing water retention and you should avoid eating salty food in the evening (before going to sleep) to prevent getting your face all puffed up the following morning.

Grains with increased levels of gluten are bad food for skin

Skin specialists recommend avoiding pasta, breads, crackers, pastries, cakes, oats, pizza, beer, barley, rye and spelt. These products are easily digested and readily converted into sugar or glucose. Increased levels of glucose in the blood could trigger several hormonal activities which may cause acne. At the same time, sugar molecules attach readily to collagen which is resulting in collagen depletion and lost skin elasticity (premature skin aging).

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