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Daily skin care

If you want to have gorgeous glowing skin, a strict daily skin care routine should become most important part of your daily hygiene. Every woman should develop her personal daily skin care routine based on several components – age, skin type, available products, experience and season. You don’t need to buy most expensive products but you need to have most adequate products for your skin.

First, you should identify skin types before going to your daily skin care routine.

Seconds, you should check your skin sensitivity to all products which you are planning to use.

Skin types:

Normal skin – tight and smooth. Most recommended is night daily skin care (cleanser and moisturizer).

Dry skin – skin dryness, flaky, chapped or scale tones on your face. Most recommended for dry skin is proper moisturizing preferably at night. Honey is a good natural moisturizer for dry skin.

Oily skin – skin is shiny and wet. Common problems of oily skin are pimples, blackness, blemishes or impurities. Gentle cleansing is essential for oily skin.

Sensitive skin – skin reacts to any cosmetics, can be irritated even during weather changes and this type of skin burns easily. Before using any skin care products, you should test them. Usually spot remedies, cleanser and moisturizer could be best solution for sensitive skin daily care.

Combination skin – means you have the features of all skin (sometimes skin can be oily, sometimes you can feel skin dryness and sometimes skin can be just normal.  Daily skin care can include cleansing, moisturizer, exfoliation and sometimes spot remedies.

Daily skin care routine

Daily skin care

Morning skin care include cleansing, toning (optional), serum (optional), moisturizing, sunscreen and make-up.

Skin toning is essential to refine pores and tone the skin. It is recommended to use toning only if your skin is very oily, otherwise you can skip toning. Skin toning can be used after removing a mask. At the same time, skin toning could help remove any stray make-up or dirt which may have been missed by the cleansing.

Serum should be used for correction (dark spots), prevention (aging wrinkles) or treatment (acne, rosacea).

Evening skin care include make-up proper removal, cleansing, toning (optional) and moisturizing,

Millions of women sleep with make-up. If they would know how risky is not to remove make-up before going to bed! Make-up proper removal is a crucial part of evening skin care routine.

Daily skin care – Tips

We all are born with perfect skin and skin “damage” is usually starting from teens – when hormones kick in, when we start aging, when sun start damaging our skin and when pollution is “attacking” our skin. Proper daily skin care is essential for everyone. Discover some tips for daily routine skin care:

  1. Always remove your make-up before going to bed. Even if you don’t wear makeup, keeping your skin clean is the first step to healthy smooth young attractive skin. Never skip daily skin cleansing.
  2. Always remove dead skin cells from your skin – exfoliate your skin regularly (2-3 times a week). If you have sensitive skin, better use skin exfoliation only once a week. Exfoliation will keep your skin smooth.
  3. Face mask could be very useful for your skin – properly made face masks can have revitalizing, healing and refreshing effects. Choose the right face mask based on your skin type and skin conditions.
  4. Always keep your skin hydrated – skin moisturizing making your skin appear softer and more youthful.
  5. Always protect your skin from sun – frequent sun exposure can cause skin damage, can trigger skin diseases and can provoke premature aging.

Healthy lifestyle can contribute to your skin conditions. Drink a lot of water (about 2 liter per day); avoid alcohol and smoking (including social smoking and second hand smoking), eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables and practice regular physical exercises (cardio, sport, dancing, aerobics, etc.).

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