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Skin care tips

Skin is a largest body organ. Skin has several very important functions but one is most probably is the most important for women – appearance. Skin shows our health and well-being, happiness and sadness, anxiety and depression, excitement and stress, lack of sleep and lack of physical exercises, age and aging, overweight and underweight, etc. In many cases women with skin problems have reduced self-esteem and more complicated relations. All women dream about perfect skin but only few inherited perfect skin. Beautiful glowing smooth skin is desirable by every woman and very much appreciated by every man. Even having perfect skin you need regularly to take of your skin. So it is absolutely crucial to know most important and rational skin care procedure and recommendation.


What are main skin care tips?

Keep your skin always clean – daily skin care should start from just cleaning your skin Never apply anything on your skin if skin is not perfectly clean.

Try to use minimum make-up and always remove your make-ups before going to bed.

Give your skin some relaxation and chance to breathe at least one day per week. If you are using make-up every day, choose one “free from make-up” day.

Take a shower one or two times a day – taking a warm shower opens up your pores, so it’s the best time to wash your face; shower could be the simplest solution for stressed skin and shower could help you to keep skin relaxed.

Increase the humidity in your house (especially during heating period) – install high quality humidifier (preferably in bedroom) to lessen the drying effects of indoor heat on your skin (especially during cold seasons).

Environmental pollution (air) can have a negative effect on your skin. Having regular (every day) evening bath or shower can help you to minimize negative effect of pollution chemicals.

Skin cleansing should be a part of your normal daily routine hygiene – it should be done twice a day (morning, evening). Skin cleansing could have positive effect on all types of skin, but cleansing products should be properly selected based on skin type, skin peculiarities and health conditions.

Toning is another daily routine important skin care component – face skin toning can be done only once a day (better during morning face hygiene routine). If morning face skin cleansing was not enough, you can use face skin toning twice a day. For toning you can use toner pads or wipes (good quality) – face skin toners remove traces of dirt, grease or excess cleanser that has been left as residue on the face.

Skin exfoliation is an important part of skin care routine but it should not be done every day – better once a week. Skin exfoliation is actually the removal of old dead skin cells which makes your face look younger, removing years off of your appearance.

Don’t miss skin moisturizer – massage your preliminary selected moisturizer into your skin (in circular motion). Skin moisturizer keeps the gentle skin from drying out – it is actually skin re-hydration. Moisturized skin will lock in the moisture throughout the day leaving your skin looking fresh and youthful. Thanks to moisturizing you can avoid unpleasant wrinkles and/or cracks.

Protect your skin from sun exposure because sun can easily damage your skin – don’t expose your skin for more than 15-20 minutes. Sun is the number one cause of wrinkles and dehydration. So, for keeping your face skin healthy – apply good quality sunscreen whenever you will be in the sun. When choosing a sunscreen, make sure it contains Mexoryl or Helioplex (best protectors).

If you have puffy face in the morning, keep skin freshener, astringent, and cotton pads for your eyelids in the refrigerator for a quick pick-me-up.

Eat regularly dark chocolate (2-3 times a week) which is full of antioxidants that help protect your skin. Dark chocolate will give you a pleasure and sweet satisfaction as well as it will provide necessary antioxidants for your skin.

Keep your body and skin hydrated – drink about 1.5-2 liter of water every day. Hydrated skin cells look fresh, young and attractive. Additionally daily use of tea (preferably green tea) will improve your skin hydration and could also make slower your natural skin aging (anti-aging effect).

Always have a pack of skin refreshing wipes and use them during busy day (2-3 times a day) – just removing all potential chemical elements from pollution, cleaning skin after physical activities or removing sweat during hot seasons.

Have a glass of red wine 2-4 times a week – red wine is full of antioxidants that will help keep your skin healthy and protect against free radicals. At the same time, red wine will keep your skin more relaxed.

Don’t forget regular physical activities (walking, joking, dancing, aerobic, cardio, etc.). Regular active physical movements help deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Be positive and smile. Positive attitude always have the reflection on your skin – nothing is more beautiful on you than your lovely smile.

Always follow all recommendation from SKIN DIET.

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