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Anti-aging skin care

Anti-aging skin care can prevent skin wrinkles, keep your skin young and you can look young for long. There are three things all women should know – anti-aging skin care daily routine, anti-aging skin care elements and anti-aging lifestyle.

Anti-aging skin care daily routine

Anti-aging skin care daily routine is the necessary activity which can help women avoid and/or reduce wrinkles, prevent skin aging, protect skin from damage and insure smooth beautiful attractive skin.

Morning anti-aging skin care routine

Morning gentle skin cleansing
Routine skin care always includes skin cleansing (usually twice a day). All skin types need proper skin cleansing – removing all “dirt” from your face including make-up, pollutants and just plain dirt that ends up on your face.

Skin protection with antioxidants
It is well known that main reasons of unpleasant skin wrinkles are collagen breakdown and damage of free-radicals. Scientists discovered that antioxidants can prevent collagen from breaking down. At the same time, antioxidants are able to block the damage of free-radicals. This is why antioxidants should be used in the morning for protecting your skin during whole day time.

Experienced dermatologists recommend the following antioxidants for morning anti-aging skin care – green tea, vitamin C and E, resveratrol and polyphenols.

Use every day Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
Sun is the first skin damaging factor and sun can trigger not only early skin aging but also several skin diseases. Experts recommend using always sunscreen. Skin care is not possible without SPF.

Anti-aging Skin Care

Night anti-aging skin care routine

Night gentle skin cleansing
Evening skin cleansing could start from simple face washing – rinsing skin from all day accumulated “dirt” including make-up, pollutants and just plain dirt that ends up on your face. Evening skin cleansing could be done with several types of cleansers – oil skin cleansing, skin cleansing balms, skin cleansing systems, skin cleansing foaming, soap-free cleansing, skin cleansing micellar or medicated skin cleansing.

Always apply cleanser in circular motions to increase blood circulation to the skin. After cleansing skin drying should be done gently with a clean soft towel.

Night retinol application
Retinol is a form of vitamin A and vitamin A is essential not only for skin health but also for vision, teeth remineralization and bone growth. Retinoids are the best and the oldest source of retinol – it can be irritating and should be used in small portions.

Night skin moisturizing
Anti-aging skin care is impossible without skin moisturizing – actually the moisturizing is the fundamental part of daily routine skin care. Skin moisturizing should be done once or twice a day but not too much as moisturizing can block facial pores. Just remember that dry skin cannot keep your skin healthy. Natural skin moisturizing or artificial (creams) moisturizing can keep your skin hydrated – making your skin appear softer and more youthful.

Anti-aging skin care lifestyle

Always protect your skin from UVA and UVB exposure. Select the best sunscreen with anti-aging protection. Always apply sun protection cream or lotions to all exposed areas of the body including face, neck and décolleté (at least 20 minutes before sun exposure). Skin protection from sun is the best anti-aging protection you can give your skin.

Use food rich of antioxidants – include in your daily diet fresh fruits and vegetables (lots of green vegetables). Healthy diet can keep healthy skin. Foods rich of Omega-3 (salmon, tuna, walnuts, kale, spinach and flaxseed oil) are also very useful for your skin. Omega-3 promotes healthy formation of cells, making them supple and flexible.

Glycation is considered as skin enemy – increased sugar consumption can trigger wrinkle development.

Don’t smoke or stop smoking. Smoking causes the narrowing of skin blood vessels because of accumulated nicotine – more you smoke, more nicotine will be accumulated. Nicotine could also damage skin collagen and decrease elastin production in the skin – these could trigger premature skin aging.

Reduce use of alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol is dilates blood vessels in the skin and it can permanently damage small sensitive skin vessels. Alcohol can also cause skin cells dehydration which can speed up skin aging.

Remember that protection of the skin from cold weather is an important anti-aging skin care strategy. Protection from cold weather is necessary for keeping your skin soft and smooth. For skin protection during winter use special anti-aging creams with minimal water and maximum emollients so the skin stays well moisturized even during very cold temperature.

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