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Bikini bumps natural remedies

Women who shave bikini line regularly are familiar with frustrations triggered by bikini bumps which appear because of ingrown hairs. Bikini bumps (pus-filled pimples) could be ugly and every woman should know effective natural remedies for treating bikini bumps and removing ingrown hairs.

In general, bikini bumps (so called “razor bumps”) appear when after bikini shaving some hairs remain inside the hair follicle and start growing into the skin (forming unsightly, ugly and painful bumps). In most cases it happen after improper shaving (shaving mistakes and wrongly selected shaving products).

Better to prevent bikini bumps because treatment could be long and complicated. However, there are several natural remedies which can help to rid of ingrown hairs and ugly bikini bumps.

Bikini bumps natural remedies

Local compress (preferably hot compress) can be very easy solution. You just need to soak “cotton ball” in hot water and press it gently against bump for 5-10 minutes. Hot water (heat) will open up skin pores releasing trapped hair. Once ingrown hair becomes free, bump will disappear slowly.

Aloe Vera is well known remedy for helping soothe irritated and inflamed bump skin. First, you should cut aloe leaf and squeeze the gel inside directly onto the bump skin to get rid of inflammation and pus-filled pimple. Commercial Aloe Vera gels (bio without artificial color and fragrance) can be also effective.

Witch Hazel is well known anti-inflammatory antiseptic which can be used in different skin conditions. Just apply Witch Hazel on bikini bump – after few applications the redness and irritation will disappear.

Bikini bumps natural remedies

Corticosteroids (especially hydrocortisone cream) are very effective anti-inflammation medicines. After few applications (local cream massage) the inflammation and swollenness can disappear. But always apply small amount of cream because high doses could damage your skin.

Lemon is well known product with several health benefits. At the same time, lemon can be used for several health conditions. As lemon juice is naturally acidic, it can stop bacteria from colonizing ingrown hair follicles. You just need to soak “cotton ball” in lemon juice and apply on bikini bumps which will prevent bacteria multiplication and spread as well as will reduce inflammation and irritation.

Tea tree oil can have magic effect because it contains strong anti-bacterial properties. As pure tea tree oil is very concentrated and very strong, you always need to dilute it with water before starting your bump treatment. Pure tea tree oil can have adverse reaction. So, apply diluted tea tree oil on bikini bumps and it will shorten healing time, reduce inflammation and ease the discomfort.

Coconut oil can be also advised. During bikini shaving the coconut oil acts as a barrier between the blade and skin. It also provides important moisture preventing itching and irritation (inflammation) afterwards. After shaving, thin layer of coconut oil should be applied on affected areas.

White tea bags are considered as the shiest and easiest method of bikini bumps treatment. Tea contains tannic acid which helps to reduce irritation and inflammation. White tea bags can help to get rid of bikini bumps. Just wet the tea bag and press it against bumps – it will reduce swollenness and inflammation.

Bikini bumps natural remedies – prevention

Prevention is always better than treatment.

Don’t shave bikini line every day. It is better to let hair grow out a bit and old bumps to heal before shaving. The best is to shave your bikini zone under the warm shower and preferably rinse off with cold water. It is well known that warm water can soften hair and make sensitive skin less prone to irritation. At the same time, rinsing with cold water will close up skin pores which will prevent infections, inflammation and irritation.

Apply shaving cream before shaving. Always use shaving cream which will soften hair and moisturize sensitive skin. After cream it will be easier and safer to shave hairs. Usually bumps occur when hairs and skin are dry.

Use sharp razor. Best is to use new sharp razor which would not irritate the skin around hair follicles and would not trigger ingrown hairs. Old razors keep bacteria which could be responsible for irritation, inflammation and painful bumps.

After shaving moisturizing lotion is necessary. Always apply quality lotion after shaving – it will reduce redness, irritation and will prevent bumps.

Never scratch or try “to clean” bumps. If you scratch or damage irritated bumps, you would increase risks of infections and inflammation. At the same time, you will slow down healing processes.

Shaving technique. Shaving should be done in downward – in the direction of the hair growth (never upward).

Apply deodorant after shaving. Some women recommend deodorant (any) application right after shaving – it will prevent bumps in bikini zone.

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