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Bikini razor bumps

Bikini razor bumps are small red irritated pimples often developed around ingrown hair and they always appear after shaving of bikini zone. Bikini razor bumps can be a result of not only ingrown hairs which burrow into the skin but also a result of simple irritation or inflammation (folliculitis triggered by bacteria).

Don’t be surprised if after improper bikini shaving you will have bikini razor bumps. The price of beauty is high. It is always a problem to remove unwanted hairs without problems and without side effects. How to have hairless and smooth bikini line? How to avoid ugly embarrassing bikini razor bumps, ingrown hairs and red bikini pimples? How to achieve perfect bikini line without problems?

Bikini razor bumps treatment

Red inflamed, irritating, itching bikini pimples can be treated with corticosteroids. Topical application of hydrocortisone cream can provide relief from irritation, itching and tenderness. Hydrocortisone cream can also soften the skin and make it thinner which will ease the hair grow out of skin (ingrown hair prevention). Cream application is recommended twice a day until disappearance of pimples.

As ingrown hairs are the most common cause of bikini razor bumps, it is important to deal with them. All ingrown hairs should have easy access out of skin and should grow in right direction (out of skin but not inside of skin). It is possible to insure by removing bikini line dead skin cells, softening the skin around hair grow and by gentle shifting the hairs into right direction (out of skin). Bikini skin exfoliation and massage with soft tissue or sponge or special soft bristled brush.

After bikini line exfoliation antibacterial cream should be applied for disinfection and fast healing.

Daily changed clean soft cotton underwear and loose comfortable clothing are important components of bikini bumps treatment.

Bikini razor bumps

Bikini bumps can be treated with hot compress (5-10 minutes) which can shrink razor bumps and kill bacteria around pimple.

Hydrocortisone cream (during few days) is effective for ridding of pimple redness, irritation, itching and inflammation.

Avoid sweating in bikini area by wearing cotton underwear – keep bikini skin clean, dry and bacteria-free.

Don’t rub skin with razor bumps because it will irritate skin and slow down the healing process.

Natural remedies can be effective – 1. Put cornstarch on razor bumps for 20-25 minutes and then rinse it off; 2. Put cold mixed solution of cucumber and milk (half/half) on bokini pimples for 15-25 minutes and rinse it off; 3. Apply aloe vera or tea tree oil creams on red pimples and get rid of razor bumps faster.

If you already have bikini razor bumps, plan your next shaving after 1-2-3 weeks. At the same time you can use gentle depilatory creams as temporary replacement.

Bikini razor bumps prevention

It is not recommended to shave bikini line every day – it can be done every 3-5 days;

Before you start bikini shaving, wash your hands and clean all instruments because dirty razor can contain germs;

Trim long hairs with scissors or with special trimming machine before shaving – it will prevent several bikini razor bumps;

Try to use new blades each time you shave because dull blades can cut sensitive skin;

Before shaving soften up the skin by having hot shower or bath because it is easier to shave softer skin without damaging sensitive skin and without causing bikini razor bumps;

Skin moisturizer before shaving is important – apply shaving gel or cream on selected area before starting your shaving;

Follow correct shaving technique – don’t shave against the grain because shaving against the hair growth could trigger bikini razor bumps;

Shaving in the direction of hair grows will reduce irritation, inflammation and ingrown hairs;

Start shaving from bikini line while your razor is sharp and clean (bacteria-free) and later move to other zones (legs, pubic area);

After shaving wash bikini area and dry it properly (preferably with clean cotton towel);

Apply hydroxide moisturizer on bikini line after shaving – it will reduce irritation after shaving;

For further reducing risks of ingrown hairs apply glycolic acid or salicylic acid cream to help slough off dead skin that can block hair follicles causing bikini razor bumps and potential infection;

Keep bikini line clean and dry by using antibacterial soaps and by wearing “breathing” cotton underwear.

Avoid synthetic underwear and tight clothing.

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