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Blister on vagina causes

Last week I discovered very unpleasant blister on vagina and I don’t know why it appeared. My friends told me it is very dangerous and it could be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases. What are main blister on vagina causes ?

ANSWER from experts

Each woman should know everything about women health and health protection. Blister on vagina is the first signal for infection in vagina – causes could be different and could include vaginal infections or some other factors:

red check mark very small  Sexually transmitted infection/diseases (STDs)

Actually sexually transmitted infections are one of the leading causes of blisters on vagina. Special attention should be paid to the genital herpes (HPV). which very often could provoke development of the blister on vagina. This disorder causes groupings of blisters to form on and around the vagina; they are usually very painful and often burst and crust over. Herpes blisters are usually painful and contain clear fluid on a red base. They rupture to form small slowly healing ulcers.

red check mark very small  Vaginal trauma

Other things that might be associated with blister on vagina would include trauma from sexual intercourse or from use of sexual toys. This could be avoided in the future by making sure to engage in adequate foreplay prior to intercourse to ensure proper vaginal lubrication. Special vaginal lubrication can prevent blister on vagina.

red check mark very small  Poor nutrition and/or Stress

Poor nutrition and dramatic stressful situations can also cause blister on vagina. When the body lacks the nutrients it needs or is producing large amounts of so called “stress hormones”, body can respond in strange ways – by developing the blister on vagina. When the blister on vagina is caused by lack of nutrients or stress, it is usually just a single blister that is only painful when touched.

red check mark very small  Wrong clothing

Blisters on vagina

Blisters on vagina

Certain types of underwear can also cause blisters on vagina. Tight jeans or pants especially when worn without undergarments can do the same. It is important to make sure that the crotch area is made of a breathable fabric such as cotton. Bacterial or fungal infections can develop from wearing synthetic bathing suits or synthetic undergarments. If you use only cotton clothing, it can prevent problems with blister on vagina.

red check mark very small  Some activities

It is well known that horseback riding and bike riding can also cause blister on vagina. Similar to wrong clothing, these hobbies can create a great deal of friction in the vaginal area. To prevent blister on vagina from developing when doing these activities, wear breathable clothing (preferably cotton) – by wearing breathable clothing and limiting the chances for infection, women can reduce their chances of developing the blister on vagina.

red check mark very small  Other causes

Blister in the area of vagina could be developed due to infection or a cut after shaving and designing personal pubic hair style. Vaginal thrush may be delaying the healing process. Alternatively, it could be that you have diabetes which is again delaying the healing.

Important to know

An abnormal Pap test is often the first sign of a HPV infection. This is why it is important to start Pap tests by the time you are 21 years old. You should start earlier if you have special risks such as problems with your immune system or if you start sexual activities very early (13-15).

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