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What is blister on vagina?


I know that if I want to be healthy – I need to know everything about women health. I am paying very special attention to my regular private hygiene. I was told by my friends that “super-hygiene” could cause blister on vagina. What is blister on vagina?

ANSWER from experts

Blister on vagina can appear on the vagina entrance. But sometimes the blister can appears on the labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips), on clitoris and sometimes on pubic area.

Blisters on vagina – Vaginal Herpes

Blister on vagina is very similar to blister which can appear on the skin after burning (see picture above). These lesions are just like the usual blisters that appear because of friction or burns except that these are caused by an infectious virus. Usually before the blister on vagina appears, the woman can feel first signals – it called the prodrome stage. It can last for several hours up to a couple of days – painful, burning and tingling sensations in the genital area where the blisters will appear characterize it.

In most cases the main reason for the blister on vagina is vaginal infection. In many cases blister on vagina could be a signal for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Very often vaginal blisters could be the only symptom of HPV.

If you are using often vaginal cleaning with vaginal douche or using vaginal instruments for lubrication, the possibility of the vaginal trauma and/or vaginal infections could increase. Any vaginal trauma especially in combination with vaginal infections could provoke the development of the blister on vagina.

At the same time, poor nutrition and/or stress and/or synthetic undergarments also could be a cause for blister on vagina.

Blisters on vagina – herpes


Important to know

An abnormal Pap test is often the first sign of a HPV infection. This is why it is important to start Pap tests by the time you are 21 years old. You should start earlier if you have special risks such as problems with your immune system or if you start sexual activities very early (13-15).

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