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Body odor natural remedies

Body odor can be a big problem for your professional and personal life. Body odor is not caused by sweat itself but in most cases it is developed by the bacteria that thrive in warm moist areas of the body.

At the same time the excessive perspiration (so called hyperhidrosis) does tend to create odor. Body odor can also be caused by consuming certain foods and spices, such as garlic or curry, whose scent may be spread by the pores of the skin.

Anxiety and nervousness can also cause excessive sweat and body odor. Some theorize that odor comes from toxins in the body and that regular detoxification is needed.


Fishy vaginal smell is a symptom of Bacterial Vaginosis.

How to use natural remedies for nice body odor

Some herbs and natural remedies can be very effective for body odor. Use it and enjoy pleasant body smell!

Sage. Sage is a natural antiperspirant. Drink one or two cups of sage tea daily to reduce the sweat produce by your glands to reduce body odor. Sage tea, taken once a day can eliminate the bacteria that are responsible for body odor.

Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties. It is used as a remedy to treat body odor by application of the essential oil, mixed with a small amount of water. Mix rosemary oil or tea tree oil in a small quantity of water and use this mixture on underarms, neck, chest, back, and thighs. This is very useful to get rid of body odor and perspiration.

Herbal Baths and/or Herbal Powders. Herbals baths are widely used as a treatment for body odor. One such bath uses coriander, licorice, fennel, nutmeg, oregano, cinnamon, cumin and ginger. These herbs can also be powdered and used in lieu of deodorant.

Prepare a mixture of few drops of glycerin and radish juice. It acts as a good home remedy for controlling body odor. Apply this mixture on feet, underarms, neck etc.

Prepare a mixture of white vinegar and alcohol. It is a natural and safe remedy for controlling body odor and perspiration.

Apply apple cider vinegar on neck, under arms and other body parts to control sweat.

You can directly apply turnip juice on sweat prone area. It is very effective in controlling body odor and perspiration.

Tomato. Tomato is used in getting rid of bad odor. When you bathe – add a few cups of tomato juice (minimum 2 cups) in your bath tub and enjoy a refreshing bath – soak yourself for about 15 minutes.

Raw Potatoes. In order to prevent excess sweating you can rub slices of potatoes under your arms. Rub potatoes slices on your underarms and then rub your underarm until it is completely dry. This will keep you cool and control body odor and perspiration.
Then apply your regular deodorant. It is said that this reduces body odor.

You can also apply some antifungal soap available in the market, like neem soap that control body odor.

Body Odor

Baking powder. Take 2 tablespoon of baking powder, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture on the body parts, like neck, underarms. It is very helpful especially in summers to control your body odor.

Another useful remedy for body odor is wheatgrass. Take wheat grass every morning on empty stomach; this will control body odor and sweating.

A balanced diet includes ideally 20% of protein (fish, poultry or vegetarian combinations of pulses and grains), 20% of oils and fats (avoiding animal fats as much as possible) with the balance from vegetables, fruit, pulses and grains. This should be supported by a daily high potency multivitamin /multimineral supplement.


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