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Bra or Braless

Looking for materials about Bra and/or Braless I discovered interesting information from // and I would like to share this information with you.

I had this in my draft entries folder for over a month now. On the morning of Sept 19, I received this text from my husband – women who wear bras when they sleep are 125 times more likely to develop breast cancer. – I called him when I read it. He said he was reading the Inquirer (news in paper mind you) and came upon an article he really wanted me to read. And so he gave me the newspaper article that night and now I’m sharing it with all the women out there. I’m one of the fortunate ones to have an actual need for underwire bras so I was aghast at the thought that one of my favorite articles of clothing can actually cause cancer. I am also one of those who actually wear bras to bed for fear of sagging breasts. Now my husband delights at the thought of making sure I practice not wearing my bra to bed.

So now do bra manufactures stamp their products with some fine print saying…. WARNING: use of this product can cause cancer – much like how it is with cigarettes, or alcoholic drinks or even the cups that serve hot coffee in MCdo? A part of me feels sorry that I read the article (bad me!) but for the most part it is always better to be aware of how we treat our bodies.


“Women who wear very tight bras for a long period of time, say 12 hours a day, are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who don’t wear bras…(from the book “Dressed to kill: The truth between cancer and bras”). Worse, women who wear bras when they sleep are 125 times more likely to develop the dreaded disease.

Tight bras smash lymph vessels situated very close to the breast’s surface. The cleansing action of lymph fluids that flow through the vessels to clean out toxins is prevented by bras.

Bras also squeeze clusters of lymph nodes in the armpits that produce immune cells to fight disease.


  • Don’t wear a bra to bed
  • Use a bra loosely. It should never leave a mark on your back or skin.
  • When removing a bra, massage your breasts to get the lymph flowing again.
  • Try to minimize wearing underwire, push-up or strapless bras.
  • Try not to wear a bra at all.

How to go Braless

Just go without a bra, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. Here are some tips on why you’d want to go braless in the first place and how to transition from your over-the-shoulder boulder-holder.

Even if you’re actively working to increase your breast size, whether through surgery or the natural methods you can find in Flat to Fab, you can still use our tips for going braless with confidence!

Breast Health. Circulation within the lymphatic system is an all-important part of maintaining breast health. And, you guessed that bras compress the lymph vessels that are close to the breast’s surface, preventing the flow of the lymph fluids that help to clear out toxins. In their book “Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras” the authors Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer contend that regular bra-wearing may well be responsible for the huge increase in breast cancer in modern times. So, many women choose to forgo bras for reasons of health and not just comfort. To women who feel compelled to wear a bra, consider massaging your breasts at the end of the day to increase lymph fluid circulation.

The Nipple Factor. The possibility of prominent visible nipples is one of the biggest deterrents to many women who might otherwise go braless. Here are a few solutions to embarrassment over visible nipples:

Nipple tape. Nipple tape comes in several different shapes and sizes but the primary idea is to compress the nipple to the level of the surrounding tissue, thus making it less distinctive. There are variations to the nipple tape theme, such as pasties or glue-on cups. Beware that some of these products are designed for function and others for decorative effect.

Remember your jacket. Do you remember the boys in high school who liked to turn on the fan and watch the results? When shopping for frozen foods, have a jacket or wrap close at hand. In a similar vein, you don’t want to get caught braless in the rain.

Vests. Vests are wonderful accessories for going braless with ease. There you are beneath your vest – fashionable, comfortable and braless – with no one the wiser for it.

Don’t look down. Let’s face it. There will be eyes glued to your breasts, whether you’re wearing a bra or not. But just because they’re looking doesn’t mean you have to.

Size Matters. Girls who are AA on a good day can wear just about anything without support but those who are more well-endowed have a different, um, set of problems.

The flop factor. One issue for women with large breasts is that movement of the breasts can be painful, particularly at times of the month that breasts tend to be swollen or sensitive. Good posture can help to offset this effect.

The modesty question. Big breasts tend to migrate more than the smaller ones do….out of one’s shirt, into one’s face when you lean over, and so on. Your choice of clothing makes a big difference in this regard. Get a sense for which articles of clothing contain (but don’t restrain) your breasts. Practice at home until you feel comfortable being out in public without a bra.

Chafing. Large breasts can chafe the skin just beneath the breast. Sweating, rashes and even fungal infections are also possibilities. Many women find that silk and cotton camisoles worn next to the breast lessen these issues. Some women also apply antiperspirant beneath large breasts or carry a small towel to dry the area beneath their breasts on occasion.

Shelf bras. Shelf bras are pretty much what they sound like – a support built into an undershirt that basically provides a shelf for your breasts to rest upon. Unfortunately shelf bras tend to make your chest look like, well, a shelf, but they do provide some support.

Breast Fetishists. Most women are all too familiar with the mannerisms of this particular breed: During conversation, the man’s eyes are glued to your breasts to the point that you’re tempted to start using sign language. Sociologists and anthropologists remain unsure as to why breast fetishism is as pervasive as it is. Meanwhile, get used to it.

Breaking In. A week on a topless beach can do wonders for your self-consciousness about going braless. But if you’re not planning a trip to the Mediterranean anytime soon, try starting out in the winter when you’ll be wearing layers anyway. Get used to how your breasts feel hanging loose – remember that women had been living that way for years before the invention of bras.

For some women, going braless (or “bra-free” as many women prefer to call it) is a political statement; for others, a question of comfort.

(information prepared by by Vanessa Raymond from HowToDoThings – //

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  1. toxins to build up, eventually causing cancer. “If you get rid of the bra, your breasts will finally be able to flush out the fluid,” said supports the fact that breast cancer risk is increased by wearing a bra or a bra that’s too tight,” wearing All type of bras, healthier To Go With Out Bras All The Researchers spent 15 years studying the breasts of over 330 French women, and concluded that wearing a bra heart attic cancer back bone pail does not prevent sagging or ease yes back pain from bra wearing as commonly thought. “Medically, physiologically, anatomically—breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity, Professor Jean-Denis Bouillon, from the University of Besancon, told France Info Radio

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