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Brazilian waxing

Brazilian waxing – history

According to the Middle Eastern cultural traditions the removal of the female body hair has been considered proper hygiene. Young women were trained to remove unwanted hair all over the body including pubic hair.

So called “Brazilian Waxing” has been prevalent for centuries in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Arabia, Turkey and Persia. In Islam society the pubic hair removal is known as act of Fitrah. Customs of pubic hair removal in ancient India and even in Hindu society are well known by scientists. In ancient societies the “Brazilian Waxing” was done with sugar-based pasta and lemon.

Brazilian waxing

In Egypt the similar type of Brazilian waxing was popular for pre-wedding ceremonies. As at that time only sugar paste mixed with lemon was used, the procedure was called “sugaring”. Nowadays, in some cases the “sugaring” is used instead of Brazilian waxing, because it is sometimes faster and more painless than actual Brazilian waxing. Early forms of Brazilian waxing were also used in dry countries to keep cool in the hot weather as well as maintain personal hygiene.

In modern societies the Brazilian waxing originated from Brazil. The Brazilian bikini waxing had its beginnings on the beautiful sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro, where bathing beauties first donned the thong bathing suit, which required a thong-type-waxing to make it wearable. The pubic hair removal habits in Western women started in XX century – it became more common when bathing suits became abbreviated and women started wearing new thong bikinis.

Brazilian waxing

In USA Brazilian waxing was introduced in 1987 by J. Sisters International Salon which was opened in Manhattan, New York by seven Brazilian sisters Jocely, Jonice, Joyce, Janea, Jussara, Juracy and Judseia Padilha.

Originally sisters were trained in their family salon in Victoria, Brazil. J Sisters salon in New York introduced the idea and the techniques to remove much or all of the pubic hair which make it possible to wear modern thong underwear and thong bikini swimming suits. Since then, the seven J. Sisters (whose first names all begin with the letter “J”) have acquired a celebrity clientele.

What is Brazilian waxing?

Originally Brazilian Waxing means hair removal from pubic area (mainly from bikini lines) which gives women a freedom to wear modern underwear, swimming suits and lingerie which are becoming increasingly skimpier, drawing a need for the removal of more hair around the bikini area. Brazilian waxing was a great solution for millions of women in different societies and different centuries.

Since Brazilian waxing techniques have been introduced in modern society, it has become a common part of the routine regular hygiene for women of any age.

Brazilian waxing became very popular and it has huge influence at fashion trends of skimpy bathing suits and lingerie. In general, the pubic hair styles became a fashion.

Brazilian waxing types

Modern Brazilian waxing includes several types which were developed for different types of women with different preferences and lifestyles. Whether you want a little or a lot off, you can select the one that’s best for you.

Classical types of Brazilian waxing include the following:


Regular Bikini Wax – Ipanema
Pubic hair is removed outside the panty line – the hairs at the side of the bikini line are waxed and the remaining hairs at the pubic area are trimmed.

Copacabana Waxing
Pubic hair should be removed from the bikini line but deeper than Ipanema, leaving pretty thick strip at the front. At the same time, the remaining hairs at the pubic area are trimmed.

French Bikini Wax – Paris
The front pubic area and the side of the labia are waxed, leaving a strip of hair from the tip of the labia, all the way to the back – this style takes all hair off the bikini line, front all the way to the back but just keeping a small landing strip or triangle in the front. It doesn’t take hair off from the back.

French Bikini Wax variation – Sao Paolo
The whole pubic hair triangle, labia and buttocks crevice are waxed, leaving a narrow vertical strip or rectangular right at the front.

Full Bikini Wax
During Full Bikini Wax the sides of the bikini line are removed deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing of some hair on top of pubic hair which makes a more defined “pubic triangle” area. Trimming of the left hairs is done much shorter.

Rio De Janeiro
This type of Brazilian waxing could be called “ALL OFF” which means full waxing of all bikini line, pubic area and whole surroundings. It is the perfect option for women who like wearing a thong or want to be completely or almost hairless in front and back.

Personalized Brazilian waxing

Personalized BRAZILIAN WAXING means special personal design of pubic hair waxing based on women taste, habits and needs.

Women can choose different kinds of pubic hair shapes like a diamond, lightning bolt, arrow, heart, abstract lines and even partner initials.

Some jewellery, bijou and/or crystals also can be used for personalized Brazilian Waxing. The crystals and jewels are applied like body art or stick-on tattoos. Crystals and other jewels are placed on the skin to style a regular full bikini wax, or accentuate your preferred shape for a more fashionable bikini waxing design. Even if you get a Brazilian wax and don’t have any hair left, the crystals and jewels can create a heart, initials, or other design right on your bare skin.

Some women prefer hair colors made specifically for the bikini area – yellow, green, pink, blue, gray, black, brown, blonde or red. Some women experience different colors at the same time just making abstract hair pictures.

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