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Breast asymmetry

Symmetry of breasts is one of the criteria used to determine the aesthetic appeal of a woman’s bust. Very few women have perfectly symmetrical breasts and most girls and women usually demonstrate a variation in size, placement or projection from one breast to the other. Many women have breast asymmetry – these asymmetries are considered normal and are usually not obvious, except under close scrutiny.

Different people have different opinions, different likes and dislikes when it comes to breast size. That is of course a matter of taste. It is very difficult to find a group of people which will agree on a perfect breast size. This has a great deal to do with the way people are raised and what they are taught, during childhood, is attractive. Because beauty and standards of what is physically attractive are culturally defined, different people in different times and places have differing ideas of what the perfect breast size is.

Woman thinking about breast asymmetry solutions

Asymmetry of breasts is a difference in breast size or shape or both size and shape. It is completely normal to have one breast be a different size from the other. Many young teens will notice this while their breasts are growing during puberty, and often it will even out with time. About 25% of adult women will continue to have persistent visible difference in their breast sizes. It is natural and nothing to worry about. It is a common situation when the left breast is different from the right in size and shape. In some cases this is unnoticeable and needs no surgical correction. Sometimes, surgical intervention is needed to equalize the breasts.

Many girls and women could have up to a 20% difference in size and still fall into the normal range. One breast might be slightly higher than the other or more to one side than the other. One breast might project forward more than the other. These are all typical anatomical patterns, but are not usually visible when a woman is dressed. Women with severe breast asymmetry conditions might have large differences in any of these breast criteria. These differences might be difficult or even impossible to conceal, especially in form fitting attire, bathing suits or lingerie.

In most cases breast asymmetry occurs due to genetic changes or certain coincidence due to which these organs start to grow differently. The growth of the breasts is controlled by female hormones (mainly by estrogens) in youth. Breasts start to grow about 2 years after the appearance of the first menstrual bleeding (menstruation – period). The duration of breast growth usually lasts from two to four years. During that time it is normal that breasts may differ from one another in size or shape. During the growth period breasts often become of the same or very similar size or shape. If that does not happen, it is not likely that the size and shape of the breasts will change until pregnancy, breastfeeding or the beginning of menopause.

Some women look at popular sex symbols like Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy or Carmen Electra and conclude that big and perfectly symmetric breasts are better. This isn’t true. There is a biologically perfect breast size. Not a size, exactly, but rather a ratio that seems to be hard-coded by evolution and genetics to be desirable to all men.

Evolution and perfect breast size

According to evolutionary biology theory, the features people instinctively find attractive indicate health. Such features as clear skin, bright eyes, glossy hair, balanced features etc. are indications of a healthy mate and of sound genetic stock.
Surveys have discovered that there is a way to gauge the attractiveness of a woman’s physical proportions, and define the semi-mythical perfect breast size.

Here’s how it works: you’re trying to determine your WHR (Waist-to-Hip Ratio), or waist to hip ratio. Measure your waist and hips. Now divide your waist measurement by your hips measurement. The magic number is .70 – and if your bust measurement matches your waist measurement or is a little under, congratulations – you’re biologically perfect. If your bust is over or under your waist measurement, then you, like 99% of the rest of the world, aren’t perfect.

What to do with breast asymmetry

Surgeons consider breast asymmetry that needs to be corrected surgically, when breasts differ from each other in a bra cup size in volume. If breasts differ from each other in less than one bra cup size, it is not thought to be in need for surgery. But if a woman does not feel comfortable about it or experience some psychological problems due to it, most cosmetic surgeons would agree on correcting such breasts.

If you want to determine the size of your breasts, the easiest way to do it is to measure them the way cosmetic surgeons do. Take a roller tape and start from the outside of the chest (at the point where the breast begins) and continue through the nipple down to the other side of the same breast.

Usually surgical breast asymmetry correction is performed to patients, who are 18 or older. However, in some cases exceptions may be done for girls who are 16 or 17. The main rule is to wait at least for three years after beginning of menstruation.

Surgery for breast asymmetry

Besides, there is a pathology called virgin hypertrophy. It means that breasts become extremely large during the years of adolescence, and they are bigger than cup D. Often this also leads to breast asymmetry. In such case, plastic surgery can be done even to girls younger than 16 and this assures better outcome results.

Breast asymmetry correction is achieved by breast augmentation of one or both breasts. Also, breast reduction can be performed on both or one breast. Sometimes a surgeon chooses to perform breast augmentation on one breast and breast reduction on another to achieve perfect symmetry. In case of virgin hypertrophy, modified liposuction of breasts may be performed at a younger age, which could lead to better healing and almost unnoticeable scarring.

Surgical breast asymmetry correction is successful in most cases, and women are satisfied with the results. Results of cosmetic breast surgery are usually better when there is only difference in size of the breasts. Some women try to find alternative treatments for breast asymmetry. Although, some companies may offer you medicines or certain substances that are supposed to treat breast asymmetry, you should be aware that there is no other scientifically proven method than surgical breast asymmetry treatment.

What breast size do men really prefer?

On average, men like a C cup breast size. Maybe this is why the reported average breast size has increased in recent years from 34B to 36C.

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