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Breast Pads

Female breasts are considered as a significant symbol for femininity and sexuality. Sometimes women feel their breasts do not serve these purposes. Small breasts, sagging breasts, asymmetric breasts create a lot of psychological and emotional problems for girls and women. Breast enlargement is the only option for building needed self-confidence.

Breast enlargement devices are available in the market for quite a long time. Breast enlargement pads have been in use for years. They are used by girls and women who want to have fuller and/or bigger breasts appearance. Among breast enlargement devices breast pads are pretty popular for several reasons:

Breast pads

  Easy to use,
  Size and shape can be changed easily,
  Feel comfortable.


You can increase your breast size naturally to a C cup with breast pads. You can have bigger breasts in an instant!

Many teen girls are not patient enough waiting for their final breast development. Many women would like to be sexier and bigger breasts. A lot of women wish they could increase their breast size without plastic surgery or going to a beauty clinic. Breast pads could be a good solution.

With breast pads you can reach your goal and you can do just that in the comfort of your home.

Silicone Triangle Push-up breast Pads swimsuit and bra inserts

Envy Triangle-shaped push-up pads add instant curves to bras and swimsuits!
cloear in color
Tested in the pool by us, these bra-top inserts are perfect for triangle-top bras, bikini tops and one-piece bathing suits.
Simply slip them into place to add natural looking curves and cleavage.
Comfortable, high-quality and backed by our silicone warranty

Braza Silicone Dolly Super Wedge Push Up Bra Inserts

The Braza Dolly can be positioned several ways to create the look you want for each top, dress or bathing suit you own. Wear the heavily padded side under the bust for enhancement or add to the top to fill in the top of the breasts.

Crescent shaped silicone pads that add a full cup size to your cleavage and provide a natural-looking lift.
Graduated bump pads are more padded at the bottom, for natural-look lift.
Use with bras and swimwear

Made of 100% silicone for natural bounce and appearance.

Miss Oops Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlets Breast Enhancers by Miss Oops are anatomically curved and tapered to hug the breast securely, with a unique shape to sit below the natural breast and boost cleavage instantly.

Help create fullness and cleavage instantly, without surgery.
Contoured edges for a smooth look and fit
Made from medical grade soft silicone
Can be worn with any bra
Ideal for A to DD cups, washable, and reusable!


Commando Takeouts Silicone Gel Breast Enhancers Accessory

Commando Style TAKEOUTS. Set of 2 breast enhancers (“cutlets”). Constructed of 100% silicone. Add a full cup size to bust line. Natural feeling, and removable. Position under the breast for a lift. Position in front for extra voluptuousness. Position on the outer sides for great cleavage. Suitable for most bras and bathing suits.


Original Looks Silicone Bra Inserts

Original Looks are silicone bra inserts that increase bust size up to 1.5 to 2 cup sizes, without painful and expensive surgery.

Looks natural even under bathing suits.
Waterproof – can be worn under swimsuits.


Breast pads

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