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Breast enlargement pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are old fashion breast enlargement methods and in last centuries women were using them for breast enlargement as nothing else was available. Breast enlargement pumps equipment has been around for a long time. Mainly it was used by breastfeeding women but some women used it for breast enlargement.
Can breast pumps be used for breast enlargement?

The whole point in using breast enlargement pumps is tissue expansion. In general, if you apply a gentle pressure to stretch skin or other soft tissues, they slowly stretch. By applying specially designed gentle vacuum pressure to the breasts, breast pumps encourage the process of tissue expansion. After some time of regular vacuum pressure it could lead to increase in breast size. Are ready to put such a pressure on your breast every day during approximately 12 hours per day?

Breast enlargement pumps

There are different types of breast enlargement pumps. These pumps or vacuum techniques for breast enlargement are supposed to work due to the tension on the breast. This then results in new breast tissue growth. The manual breast pumps consist of a plastic dome and a small hand pump. By applying a greater vacuum force to the breast, this type of pump encourages blood to engorge the breast and nipple. This increases breast sensitivity and also can increase size slightly, but these gains are temporary. In addition this type of breast enlargement pumps could cause broken breast blood vessels.

Considering that breast enlargement pills and creams can create more impressive results, without the 12 hour per day constraint, why would anyone choose breast enlargement pumps?

But if you decided to use breast enlargement pumps, it would be useful to know some details about how you are supposed to use pumps for breast enlargement:

    • Breast enlargement pumps (so called “breast domes”) should be placed directly over both breasts. There is a hole in each of the “breast domes” attached to a tube.
    • Attached tube is then joined to the box designed as a computer – “brain of the breast enlargement pumps”.
    • The computerized box is what controls the whole suction process. It apparently adjusts the pressure throughout the day to make sure it’s consistent in each of the “breast domes”. This is supposed to be the way that it generates new tissue.
  • Every breast enlargement pump user is required to wear a special support bra that accommodates the entire system including “breast domes”, tubes and “computerized box”.
  • According to this methodology the whole system should be on breasts all the time for months to achieve the best results. Even if you are hoping for the smallest improvement in breast size it’s still suggested that you wear this contraption for a minimum of ten hours each day for a minimum of ten weeks.

We would not recommend using breast enlargement pumps. If you are looking for breast enlargement methods, better to choose one of following safe and effective methods:

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