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Breast enhancement without surgery

Bigger, firmer, sexier breasts are something that practically every women, and of course their partners, seems to desire for a variety of reasons. Breast enhancement methods are advertised on the Internet, television and in women’s magazines. Women are always searching for safe natural and cheap breast enhancement methods without surgery. Market is full of breast enhancement methods which do not require surgery.

The most popular breast enhancement methods without surgery include the following:

BREAST ENHANCEMENT without surgery is possible


Since the breasts are composed primarily of glandular tissue and fat, no amount of exercise will change their actual size or shape. But you can develop the chest muscles underneath the breasts (pectoral muscles) to improve your posture and give the illusion of lifted breasts. Pectoral Muscles can be built up in a way that gives your breasts a higher, firmer look. Use these exercises alone, or in conjunction with any other alternative you use to achieve your desired results – breast enlargement.

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It is known that breast size is genetically determined and depends on level of female hormones (mainly estrogens) and fat tissue (about one-third of breast is fat tissue). Most breast enlarging pills have so called “phytoestrogens” which have estrogenic effect on breast tissue. At the same time some breast enlarging pills can increase the breast size to a slight extent and cause fluid retention.

In general, breast enlarging pills could increase breast size because some of them contain herbs that have known as estrogen-like products which gave similar effect at women body.

Best example is Birth Control Pills which are well known with its breast enlargement side effect. Birth control pills are thought to temporarily increase breast size in the same way–estrogen causes fluid retention in the breasts and may have an effect on breast tissue.


Female breasts are considered as a significant symbol for femininity and sexuality. Sometimes women feel their breasts do not serve these purposes. Small breasts, sagging breasts, asymmetric breasts create a lot of psychological and emotional problems for girls and women. Breast enlargement is the only option for building needed self-confidence.

Breast enlargement devices are available in the market for quite a long time. Breast enlargement pads have been in use for years. They are used by girls and women who want to have fuller and/or bigger breasts appearance. Among breast enlargement devices breast pads are pretty popular for several reasons:

  • Cheap,
  • Easy to use,
  • Size and shape can be changed easily,
  • Feel comfortable.


Several producers fulfilled the market with breast enlargement creams which are pretty popular among women who are looking for bigger breasts.

Breast creams usually contain ingredients similar to those found in the more effective herbal enhancers, including wild yam, black cohosh, fenugreek, burdock root, kelp and others (see natural remedies for breast enlargement).

Breast enlargement creams work by stimulating the growth of the breasts thin tissues resulting in a larger, firmer and shapelier breast. According to many manufacturers the creams are more successful than the pills, since the ingredients do not lose power and effectiveness when absorbed. But a combination of both the breast enhancement creams and breast enhancement pills are recognized the best.

The reason most girls fail with natural breast enhancement is because they think it is a miracle cure and that breasts will grow significantly overnight. This is simply not true. Time and patience are important for breast enlargement creams.


Breast enlargement pumps are all fashion breast enlargement methods and in last centuries women were using them for breast enlargement as nothing else was available. Breast enlargement pumps equipment has been around for a long time. Mainly it was used by breastfeeding women but some women used it for breast enlargement.
Can breast pumps be used for breast enlargement?

The whole point in using breast enlargement pumps is tissue expansion. In general, if you apply a gentle pressure to stretch skin or other soft tissues, they slowly stretch. By applying specially designed gentle vacuum pressure to the breasts, breast pumps encourage the process of tissue expansion. After some time of regular vacuum pressure it could lead to increase in breast size. Are ready to put such a pressure on your breast every day during approximately 12 hours per day?

There are different types of breast enlargement pumps. These pumps or vacuum techniques for breast enlargement are supposed to work due to the tension on the breast. This then results in new breast tissue growth.


As long as you are eating healthy and maintain a healthy weight your breast will develop to a size that is right for your body. Breast development is a slow process that occurs throughout puberty, give it time and your breasts will grow. Every woman is destined to have different size breasts.

Important point is – to keep the right weight for yourself and to learn to like your body as it is and try to improve it by some additional food supplements and herbs.

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