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Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is one of breast enlargement methods recommended and used by thousands of women. During breast lipofilling the personal fat tissue is transplanted from different parts of body to the breast. Only not damaged fresh fat cells can be used during lipofilling.

First breast lipofilling procedures were done without taking into account several important factors, which are necessary for the healing of adipose tissue at the new location. Therefore, many of leading practitioners and surgeons were opposed to this method. The reason for disapproval was basically a high percentage of the transplanted fat. Modern medical technologies open new effective possibilities for breast lipofilling. This breast enlargement methodology requires certain equipment and qualifies health experts.

It is crucial to remove adipose tissue without damage using modern technologies. Best results are achieved when using water jet assisted liposuction techniques. Collected adipose tissue should be kept in special conditions without any contacts with oxygen.

Different lipofilling methodologies can be used:

Lipofilling combined with stem cells removed from the patient’s bone marrow. It is believed that the use of stem cells will help in the formation of new blood vessels that will supply nutrients to transplanted adipose tissue.

Lipofilling combined with vacuum breast pressure was developed by American surgeon Roger Khouri. Dr. Khouri recommends using the vacuum Brava system before and after the procedure. Brava system is a portable device consisting of two plates for each breast and a special device that creates a vacuum. Due to the vacuum, the skin and attaches tissues may stretch easier to accept the new expected volume, which generally contributes to a better survival rate of transplanted fat cells.

Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling – Restrictions

  • Size and volume of expected enlarged breasts are limited. In most cases only one size enlargement is possible;
  • This procedure is possible in women with extra body fat in certain places;
  • Breast lipofilling is recommended during ordinary liposuction when extra fat tissue is available;
  • Limitation of fat tissue volume which can be transplanted into the breast during one procedure (to avoid compression of adipose cells and to insure safe healing.

Breast lipofilling – Benefits

  • Breast enlargement result are very natural (both in breast form and size);
  • Women achieve two goals – loose fat in certain places and enlarge breast sizes;
  • Breast lipofilling can be combined with other breast enlargement methods such as silicone implants;
  • This method is perfect in cases of breast asymmetry, breast scars and breast trauma;
  • Absence of “foreign” substances – actually only personal fat tissue is used;
  • Short healing period and absence of side effects;
  • Do not create problems during breast tests (mammography, ultrasound, tomosynthesis, X-ray).

Breast lipofilling – Contraindications

  • Breast lipofilling should not be done during menstruation and few days after period;
  • This procedure is not recommended during diabetes;
  • Cannot be done during cancer (any stages);
  • Should not be performed during skin diseases including infections, fungal or viral condition.

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