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How to deal with stress

Modern life is pretty stressful – at job, at home, at society in general. There are many factors which could trigger stress – family problems, job problems, financial difficulties, poor health, traumas (car accidents, sport trauma, job-related trauma, etc.), false expectations, death of loved ones, children behavior, partner’s cheating, etc. Very often you are forced to deal with ongoing stress but it is your decision how to deal with stress positively or negatively.

Are you strong enough to fight stress? Do you have enough knowledge how to deal with stress? Are equipped with stress management tools?

If you are stressed, FIRST, clearly recognize the cause of stress and avoid all unhealthy “stress treating” behaviors such as smoking, drinking, binge eating, using increased volumes of caffeine, using drugs, etc.

How to deal with stress – Tools and Equipment which can help to deal with stress

How to deal with stress

Be always positive

Positive behavior could help you to deal with stress – try to find positive things in stress factors (stressors). Try to react positively to stressors or at least don’t choose the negative responses. Remember – there is always at least one positive solution for any type of stress and to any kinds of stressor.

If the stressor is a person, try to remember good things about this person. If the stressor is your job, try to improve your job management or job time schedule or even change the job. If the stressor is your mother in law, try to avoid often meetings with her or prepare nice surprise for her. If the stressor is your partner, try to evaluate your relations and develop strategy how to improve your relations or end up relations. Any of your decisions should be reasonable and maximum positive.

Fight is an enemy – always avoid any kind of fight by solving problems in advance, by avoiding problems or by avoiding people who create stress very often.

Be always active

Your physical activities could be very beneficial for two reasons – 1). Regular physical exercises make your body stronger and you can deal with stress easier; 2). Physical activities can reduce your emotional intensity that you’re feeling, clearing your thoughts and enabling you to deal with your problems more calmly; 3) Physical activities could be a good relaxation – just go for walk in the park or do relaxing exercises (yoga, breathing, etc.) or do aerobics.

Physical activities won’t make your stress disappear, but they will help you to deal with stress.

Accept things you cannot change

How many time you experience negative stress because of events not depending on you – financial crisis, death of loved once, natural catastrophes, illnesses, accidents, etc. The only correct solution would be to accept things you cannot change and continue your life using adapted life strategy.

Sometimes is not possible to change the unpleasant and difficult situation – just recognize and accept things as they are and concentrate on everything that you do have control over.

Evaluate your time management

Clever time management will never put you in stress – plan things according to your abilities, your availabilities and your possibilities. Evaluate your limits – be realistic about what you can accomplish during certain period of time. Good job management not always means hard working. Good time management means quality work rather than quantity. Good time management means also clever selection of priorities – prioritize your tasks and work to finish them starting with the highest priority (urgent/important).

Remember – Overloaded people are always stressed. Just plan realistic, do job in time and never promise things you cannot implement and you never will be stressed.

Use stress balls or try personal stress reliever

Stress balls are just one of stress management methods (technique) which could be easily used. Market is full of stress balls but each woman should select the one which is most effective for her.

 Be relaxed

Relaxation is the enemy of stress. There are many methods of relaxation starting from just listening music and finishing with meditation but every person should select the best personal relaxation technique.

It was observed that calm and soft music is pretty relaxing and can make person happy. Relaxation in bed or on divan with close eyes is also a god relaxation option. Shower or bath could give you private time for relaxation and thinking (trying to find solutions).

Many women use breathing relaxation, muscles relaxation, yoga relaxation or meditation. All are good tools for dealing with stress but you should select the best most effective method and use it regularly.

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