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Doubts about pregnancy test results

QUESTION – I missed my period but it is not first time for me. In general, I have irregular periods. Anyway, I took pregnancy test and I am not sure about results. I have hepatitis – can it have any influence at pregnancy test? In general, is women health is important for correct pregnancy tests? Can I have false pregnancy test? What to do if you have doubts about pregnancy test results?

Doubts about pregnancy test results – ANSWER from experts

At first, general women health have no influence on pregnancy test results but if you are using regularly some medicine, it could provoke false pregnancy test results.

Doubts about pregnancy test results

At second, there are some special recommendations – what to do if you have doubts about pregnancy test results:

  How to choose the right pregnancy test – during shopping try to choose two different brands – selecting and using two different brands of pregnancy tests will give you a better chance of avoiding the false positive or false negative results. If you get the same reading on both tests then the result is most probably = correct. If you have two different readings on two different tests then there is something wrong with one of selected tests.

  Whom with your pregnancy test could be discussed – discuss your problem with your gynecologist – no matter what the result is (positive false or negative false). Gynecologist can always confirm pregnancy or confirm absence of expected pregnancy. It is also very important – if there is a false positive result because of a medical condition then that is something that you and your doctor can discuss. Trophoblastic tumors should be excluded.

  What are conditions for pregnancy test – be sure that test was done in clean conditions – keep everything clean including test elements, urination and body area involved. If you are using a collection cup for your test make sure that there are no detergents left on the cup. This will help to give a more accurate reading.

  How to know pregnancy test steps – follow all pregnancy test instructions – follow the directions on the package. Some tests are different and to get the best result it is important to follow the directions properly.

Pregnancy test

  What you should evaluate before taking your pregnancy test – evaluate your health conditions and medicine used – clarify and try to understand – the medicines you are taking and whether or not you have any conditions or are on any medications that could possibly give you a false positive reading.

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