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Every woman wants to be beautiful and sexy. Every woman is trying to choose the right haircut which can highlight the personality, hide some small face “defects”, increase the self-confidence and match the lifestyle. But do you know how to choose the haircuts? What should be considered while choosing the best haircut for you?

Some women have perfect feelings what they need but many women need some tips for choosing best haircuts. The key to a flattering hairstyle is to be able to choose the haircut which creates the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face. Hair experts developed a lot of hairstyles which can help to make the round face appear longer or the long face to appear wider or the square face to appear softer. Properly selected hairstyle can also reduce the size of your large foreheads and make less visible your double chin.

What to be considered while choosing your haircut? There are few components which could help you to choose the best haircut:


  • Face shape,
  • Hair texture,
  • Personality,
  • Lifestyle,
  • Body shape,
  • Age.

Haircuts and face shape

No matter your face shape (round, oval, square, heart or long), there is always the haircut that look best on you. You just need to know how to choose the haircut according to your face shape and how to hide your negative face features. If you have beautiful symmetric oval face with normal features, then your face shape matters less than hair texture or lifestyle.

Round face shape
In most cases, if you have a round face you want to make your face appear longer, leaner and less round. Long hair straight or slightly wavy look great for round faces. In addition, sweeping updo (left or right) is perfect for adding height to round face.
Avoid short curly or wavy hair that makes your round face appear rounder. Better option would be haircut that hits below the chin or longer.

Oval face shape
Oval face tends to look beautiful in any hairstyle. But if your hair is thick or curly, avoid blunt cut because of risk to look like pyramid.

Square face shape
It is well known that square face women are very photogenic. In addition, women with square face tend to age better than the rest of women. Each women can develop the personal haircut which highlight the personality and make face more oval.

Heart face shape
Heart face shape tends to come with pointy chin. It would be recommended to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones instead.

Long face shape
Long face shape women should avoid long hair but can get away with it if it’s cut in long layers that hit at the cheekbones and the chin. Long, wavy hair also looks nice because the waves add width to the sides of a long face.

Basic rule of finding the best haircut for your face shape – never highlight your problem spot, and try to create the illusion that you have perfect oval face.

Haircuts and hair texture

Hair texture is very important when it comes to choosing your best hairstyle. In most cases the hair texture dictate and hairstyle, hair length and haircut. There are six basic types of hair texture – fine, straight, wavy, coarse, frizzy and curly. Besides choosing hairstyle according to hair texture, it is also very important to know your hair texture for choosing the right styling method, styling products and styling tools for your particular hair.

Haircuts and personality

Your individual style and personality is very important – it makes you special, it insures your self-confidence and it demonstrate not only your character but also your life position (conservative, modern, attractive, modest). Actually your personality is your brand. Haircut should match your personality – even absolutely gorgeous hairstyle won’t look gorgeous on you if you are uncomfortable in it.
You always should consider your personal wishes, loves and peeves when it comes to your hairstyle. What you like or hate about your hair? Your chosen haircut should hide everything you don’t like and should fully please you.

Haircuts and lifestyle

Your lifestyle habits are very important while choosing the right hairstyle. Can you spend a lot of time for hair dressing in the morning? Can your hair disturb at your work place? How much money you can spend for hair care and hairstyle maintenance? How much time you are spending outdoor? Are you forced to use professional hair cover during working hours? How often you are traveling? How much time do you have to style your hair? How often you can visit your hairdresser?

Haircuts and body shape

Same haircut and same hairstyle look differently if you are tall, petite, curvy, busty, overweight, obese or anorexic. Best hairstyle should match your body shape and should not highlight your body “defects”. For example, very tall woman with no curves could look like a pinhead with a pixie hairstyle. At the same time, curvy woman needs to balance out those curves with hair tricks. You should not choose the specific haircut because it is considered beauty by modern industry, but you should choose the hairstyle which makes you most attractive and flattering.

Haircuts and age

Unfortunately at certain type women experience hormonal decline, gray hair, some wrinkles and body shape changes. It is normal natural life cycle. Should we change our favorite hairstyle while aging or women can keep same hairstyle during whole life?
Some experts think same hairstyle can be kept only if hair is healthy. But if hair texture, body shape and lifestyle are changed, it would be logical to adapt the hairstyle. The only advice would be – just choose the haircut which can shave years off your look.

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