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How to choose your hair style

Face shape, curl (straight, wavy, curly, kinky), texture (fine, medium, thick) and the volume of your hair are the deciding elements in choosing your best hair style. However, with today’s hair styling techniques you can change almost any aspect of your hair, so the most important consideration is your face shape. Determining Your Face Shape.

Choosing your hair style

Put long hair into a pony tail; wet and slick back short hair. Using a bar of soap, a water soluble marker, or a crayon, look into a mirror and trace the outline of your face. Follow your hairline and trace starting with the center of your forehead to temple, jawbone, chin, jawbone, temple, and back to forehead. Stand to one side and look at your outline. It should resemble one of seven shapes. Oval, Triangle. Square, Round, Heart, Oblong, Diamond.

Choosing Your Hair Style

Oval: Sometimes called the “perfect” face shape, the balance of the oval allows you to wear almost any hair style you choose. However, don’t cramp your style with heavy bangs or forward directed hair styling that masks your lovely cheekbones or features.

Triangular: If you have a cleft in your chin, your face shape is the exact opposite of the heart shaped face. Short cuts will help balance your dominant jaw line and you are a great candidate for today’s wedges, shags, and other styles that feature fullness at the temples.

Square: Soften the angles with short, wispy bangs and soft tendrils along the sides of your face. Naturally curly hair is an ideal accent for a square face. If you don’t have it, consider a perm or body wave. Add extra dimension to your style by layering in extra height at your crown and wearing an off-set part.

Round: Lengthen you face to get the appearance of an oval by adding some height at your crown. Keep hair swept back to show your features to their best advantage. Wear off centered parts to draw attention away from the symmetry of your face. Wear either short or long hair styles, but stay away from the medium. Keep hair either above or below your chin line.

Heart: Chin length (or longer) hair styling looks great on the heart-shaped face, adding fullness and volume where you need it. You’re also a candidate for styles that feature wispy bangs, layered at the sides to sweep forward, accenting your eyes and stunning cheekbones.

Face shape and hair style

Rectangular or oblong: Try short to medium length hair styles with extra fullness at the sides. Use wispy bangs and romantic tendrils to soften the angles. Layers also add softness and roundness to straight lines. Too long hair, high hair, and center parts will serve to lengthen your face. Keep your hair above shoulder length and work to add volume at the sides of your hair style.

Diamond: Your face is almost an oval, but a bit more angular, which gives you a dramatic look that allows you to try many different hair styles. Leave weight at the nape of your neck to add weight to a narrow chin and do keep the hair out of your face to keep from hiding your great bone structure!

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