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Leg Pillows

First leg pillows were designed for knees 20-25 years ago and were very popular in XIX century (especially among women suffering from varicose veins and leg pains). It is well known that leg pillow wedge minimizes the chances of blood pooling in your leg veins and nudges the blood back to the heart for improved blood circulation.

Leg pillows support and align our lower body, relieving pressure on lower back, hips, legs, knees and spine while you sleep. Leg pillows fit the curves of your legs – insuring comfortable long night sleep.

Ergonomic leg, knee and hip pillows designed to fit your lower body support needs. Leg pillows are designed to relieve lower back pain, relax muscles and reduce pressure on hips, knees and ankles. It is very easy and affordable way to reduce pressure and provide comfort for lower back, hips and knees during whole night.

Elevate tired legs and relieve pressure on your sore, aching back with this comfortable foam leg pillow. This wedge pillow is perfect to use in bed or on the couch.

Leg pillow


Contour Memory Foam Leg Pillow with Cover

– Easy and affordable way to achieve proper leg and spine position during sleep

– Pillow fits curves of your legs and stays put all night

– Super-soft velour cover is removable and washable

– Made from 100% viscoelestic memory foam

Duro-Med Ortho Bed Wedge with Blue Polyester/Cotton Cover, 8 x 20 x 24

– Unique foam wedge design

– Helps improve circulation

– Allows the spinal cord to relax, easing back pain

– Removable polyester/cotton cover with zipper is machine washable

– Measures 8″ x20″ x 24″

Mabis/DMI healthcare Elevating Leg Rests, Blue

Helps relieve knee, leg and back pain while helping to improve circulation.

Specially designed for knee elevation at a 30º angle.

Designed for treatment of phlebitis, varicose veins or tired legs.

Removable, machine washable, blue polyester/cotton cover. foam meets cal #117 requirements. size: 28” x 10” x 7.


Leg massage pillows



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