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Adjustable Pillows

In most cases standard pillows cannot fully support restful sleep. The adjustable pillows give you the possibility to adjust the softness of your pillow from very soft to medium, firm or thick. Actually the adjustable pillows give you the full freedom in personalizing your pillow for your unique requirements, making it perfectly fit your body, sleeping position and comfort.

Adjustable pillows are the revolutionary pillows that blend the hi-tech of fiberfill with the freedom of air. These innovative memory foam pillows have been improved with an inflatable inside.

Adjustable pillow are created to hold your head and neck in most comfortable position bringing complete support and relaxation during sleep.

There are different types of adjustable pillows for back and/or side sleepers – adjustable pillows fit your individual size, shape and sleeping position. Adjustable pillows promote a healthy position to maintain the natural curvature of the neck during sleeping, alleviating pain in neck, shoulder (sore shoulder muscles) and back areas. At the same time, the adjustable pillows relieve pain and dull annoyances caused by headaches and arthritis.

If you have trouble finding a pillow that is soft or firm enough, an adjustable pillow could help you to sleep more comfortably.

Adjustable pillows

Sleep Innovations Cool Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep undisturbed through the night with this cool contour memory foam pillow from Sleep Innovations. The pillow best suits back and side sleepers, with its classic contour shape. A deep center indentation cradles the head, while raised foam lofts on either side of the indentation support the neck; both high and low lofts are provided to meet personal support needs. Memory foam responds to the body’s weight and temperature, softening and molding to the shape of the head, neck and shoulders. This curve-hugging quality relieves pressure on the neck and shoulders to improve blood circulation. Furthermore, it prevents tossing and turning by keeping the head and neck in proper alignment to allow the muscles to further relax. This spinal alignment may even alleviate snoring and insomnia.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

For a sumptuous night’s rest, the Iso-Cool pillow is made of materials that respond to a body’s changing temperature by warming or cooling. The pillow is made from Outlast Adaptive Comfort material, which has microscopic beads called PCMs (Phase Change Materials) that sense whether the body’s mean temperature is too warm or too cool. If too warm, the product absorbs heat and feels cool, and if the body’s temperature is too cool, the product releases heat and feels warm to regulate temperature. With the highest available concentration of PCMs, this pillow is extremely effective.

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

– 75% Cotton / 25% Polyester
– Classic contour-shaped memory foam pillow for back and side sleepers; adjusts to head weight and temperature for custom fit and support
– 100-percent polyurethane memory foam with 3-pound density; naturally hypoallergenic with antimicrobial finish
– Choice of high or low loft for optimize neck support; open-cell technology to regulate surface temperature
– Machine-washable, removable 100-percent cotton terry velour cover; made in the USA
– Pillow measures 20.8 x 14.2 x 4.8 inches; 5-year limited manufacturer warranty

Comfortable pillow



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