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Mobile health risks

Since end of XX century mobiles became a part of our life and the fundamental means of communication in society. Not only adults but also children use mobiles every day. During last decade health experts noted some connections between the frequency of mobile use and health problems. Mobile health risks became a subject of several health surveys, scientific studies and medical observations.

Mobiles became a universal and indispensable tool for modern life and they use radio waves for communication. Mobile is essentially a two-way radio, consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. For normal functioning mobiles need a special network of cell towers which convert radio waves from one person to another one. At the same time, mobiles convert human voices into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower. Actually mobiles are surrounded with electromagnetic field. Mobiles transmit radio waves in all directions and electromagnetic waves can be absorbed and reflected by surrounding objects and people before they reach the nearest cell tower. It is very important to know that if you place your mobile next to your head during conversation, about 50% of the emitted energy is absorbed into your head and body.

Health experts noted that adults and especially children can suffer the long-term side effects of radiation waves on the brain. Actually the increased use of mobiles can have short-term and long-term effects on health indicators.

Mobile health risks – cancer

Mobiles radiation has been linked to different types of cancer. Some experts noted increased incidence of cancer in areas of the body closest to where mobile is usually carried. For example, testicular cancer is occurring more frequently in the testes closest to where mobile is carried.

It was noted that human blood exposure to mobile radiation has increased genetic damage in the form of micronuclei (by 300%). It is well known that micronucleus is a pre-cancerous condition that can quickly develop into cancer.

Mobile health risks

Scientific studies confirmed that in people who used mobile during at least 10 years, the incidents of brain cancer, salivary gland cancer and rare eye cancer are increased (especially on the side of the head where mobile was usually held).

Recent studies discovered pretty strong connection between mobiles placed in the bra and the development of breast cancer in women. It was also noted that men with habits carrying mobile in their shirt pocket also could have unexpected breast cancer.

Mobile health risks – fertility

According to recent study, mobiles can decrease sperm counts – it was noted that when mobile is placed in close proximity (in active mode) to the testes, sperm cells “suffer” (sperm cells were damaged).

Mobile health risks – emotions

It was noted that mobiles have negative effect on our emotional status. According psychologists, nowadays face-to-face communications are decreased dramatically because of mobiles. Different psychological tests demonstrated emotional instability among clients who use mobiles often and regularly.

Mobile health risks – stress

Intensive use of mobiles can have negative effects on body stress levels. Constant ringing, interrupting, alarming, vibrating and reminding mobile waves put body in not-controlled stress. According to university scientists, intensive mobile use is associated with stress and sleep disturbances in female clients and with sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression in male clients. It was noted that excessive mobile use can be a risk factor for mental health.

Mobile health risks – chronic pains

Often you see how youth send messages at rapid speed during long period and they do it every day, every hour, every minute – this can cause pain and inflammation of hand joints. It was also noted that some mobile users have unexpected back pain, especially if they hold mobiles between neck and shoulders.

“Long periods of cell phone use cause you to arch your neck and hold your body in a strange posture. This can lead to back pain,” says

Mobile health risks – how to reduce risks

  • Don’t hold mobile to your ear and use headset;
  • Every time to speak by mobile, keep it away from your body – as far as possible because the amount of radiation absorbed by your head and body decreases dramatically with even a small distance;
  • Don’t keep mobile close to body – not in the pocket or bra, not on the belt or in shirt pockets, not under pillow – when mobile is not in use, its radiation exposure is still happening;
  • Use mobile more for messages and less for long conversations – mobile emits less radiation when sending messages rather than voice communications;
  • Don’t use mobile during weak signals because radiation exposure increases dramatically when mobile’s signal is weak.

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