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Smoking and women health


There are thousands of publications treathening women to smoke but there is no single clear short reader-friendly information about smoking and women health. How smoking can harm women health?

ANSWER from experts

Women health is pretty complicated because depends on several factors – mainly female hormones, specific psychological status and life problems. Smoking and women health is a subject of several medical studies and surveys. There are several risk factors which can damage women health and one of it is smoking and nicotine.

Smoking affects ovarian function and decreases the female hormone estrogen. Reduced female horones can cause several health problems in women.

Modern medicine already discovered many facts about smoking and women health. It is well known that smoking can harm reproductive function in women – smoking can trigger menstrual dysfunctions, smoking can create health problems if you use birth control pills, smoking can reduce your fertility and smoking can provoke premature menopause and/or premature delivery giving birth to low-weight babies.

If you are planning to become pregnant, cigarette smoking can impair your fertility by adversely affecting ovulatory and tubal function, egg production and implantation.

Smoking may cause you to have irregular menstrual cycles, anovulatory cycles (without ovulation), infertility, uterine bleeding, osteoporosis, heart disease and other conditions for which estrogen provides a protective effect.


Smoking woman

Smoking risks


Earlier you start smoking, earlier you can experience health problems such as:

– Menstrual dysfunction – irregular periods;

– Reduced fertility – infertility;

– Early menopause – osteoporosis;

– Heart problems – heart disease;

– Different types of cancer;

– Short life – premature death.



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