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Smoking young women

QUESTION – My mother is smoking for many years and recently I also start smoking but my mother said smoking is not good for girls and young women. What we should know about smoking young women? Why smoking is not good for young women?

Smoking young women – ANSWER from experts

First of all, smoking is not good for women health in general and smoking at different age has several health risks.

Secondly, younger you start smoking, more health problems you can experience.

Thirdly, if you start smoking at young age, you will be easily and more addicted to smoking and nicotine.

Generally speaking smoking young women could have much more health problems in future.

It is well known that tobacco industry is targeting girls and young women because they are perfect candidates for smoking and nicotine addiction.

Recently it was discovered that smoking women could be more susceptible to the addictive properties of nicotine. At the same time, women have a slower metabolic clearance of nicotine from their bodies than men. Unfortunately it was noted that women are more susceptible to the effects of tobacco carcinogens than men.

Several surveys show that in women the emotional trigging factors play a big role in starting smoking – women mention more emotional causes for smoking such as “broken hard”, stress, conflicts, anxiety, anger or depression.

Smoking young women


Earlier you start smoking, earlier you can experience health problems such as:

– Menstrual dysfunction – irregular periods;

– Reduced fertility – infertility;

– Early menopause – osteoporosis;

– Heart problems – heart disease;

– Different types of cancer;

– Short life – premature death.

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