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Depo Provera benefits and health risks

QUESTION – Is it true that Depo Provera contraception is not good for women health? What are Depo Provera benefits and health risks?

Depo Provera benefits and health risks – ANSWER from experts

Depo Provera is hormonal lon-term (3 months) contraception and it has indications, contra-indications and side effects as all other methods of contraception. If Depo Provera is used correctly, it usually have no negative influence at women health.

Depo Provera users have several benefits which include the following:

  Decreased risk of endometrial cancer;

  Decreased risk of ovarian cancer;

  Decreased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID);

  Decreased incidents of menstrual cramping and pain;

  Rare or absent periods (after Depo Provera injections);

  Decreased chances for anemia.

Depo Provera benefits

Depo Provera possible health risks


  Allergic reactions,

  Premature delivery (if get pregnant during use of Depo Provera),

  Breast cancer (contradicting opinions).

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