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Depo Provera advantages and disadvantages

QUESTION – I am a student of the medical college and presently we are learning women health indicators. We were told some contraception method have more disadvantages. What are Depo Provera advantages and disadvantages?

Depo Provera advantages and disadvantages – ANSWER from experts

Depo Provera is long term hormonal contraception which is used every 3 months. Depo Provera has several advantages and disadvantages.

Depo Provera advantages

  • Has only progestin component (no estrogen components);
  • It is very private method (after one injection nobody can see any evidence of contraception);
  • Effective very fast – after 24 hours (if used at the beginning of the menstrual cycle);
  • Does not require regular attention (gives every day freedom – nothing to think about or remember);
  • Does not need any attention during sex play (nothing should be done before, during and/or after);
  • Could decrease the risk of ovarian and/or uterine cancers;
  • Depo Provera can be used 6 weeks after delivery.

Depo Provera advantages

Depo Provera disadvantages

  • Unexpected irregular heavy uterine bleeding;
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • Could trigger osteoporosis;
  • Should be repeated ( injections) every 3 months;
  • Could be a reason for not controlled weight gain.

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