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Depo Provera side effects

QUESTION – I was told Depo Provera is not good for women health. Is it true? What are Depo Provera side effects?

Depo Provera side effects – ANSWER from experts

It is true that Depo Provera has several very unpleasant side effects but it does not mean that this type of contraception is not good for women health.

First of all, women with some health conditions should not use Depo Provera – women with unexplained vaginal bleeding and women with suspected pregnancy.

Secondly, Depo Provera is not recommended for women with weight problems, with liver disease, gallbladder disease and/or women with history of depression. Women who are planning on becoming pregnant in the near future also should avoid contraception with Depo Provera.

List of possible Depo Provera side effects

   Weight gain
About 70% of women using Depo Provera gain weight.

  Uterine Bleeding
Irregular heavy uterine bleeding is common side effects of Depo Provera. At the same time in most cases after a year of use, many women stop having regular normal periods.


  Nervousness and/or mood changes

  Hot flashes and/or decreased interest in sex

Depo Provera side effects


  Breast tenderness


  Hair loss

  Back ache.

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