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How prevent vaginal itching?


I had yeast infection several times and every time I was treated properly (according to my gynecologist). I think something wrong with my “women health” indicators because I am having vaginal itching almost every year. How prevent vaginal itching?

ANSWER from experts

Recurrent yeast infection and recurrent vaginal itching should have some very specific reasons and need special attention.

FIRST, your gynecologist should identify the cause of your vaginal itching. Most probably you have the same reason for vaginal itching every year.

SECOND, main recommendations for avoiding vaginal itching include the following:

Vaginal itching prevention

  • Avoid colored or perfumed toilet tissue and bubble bath;
  • Avoid feminine hygiene sprays and vaginal douches;
  • Avoid wet clothing, especially wet bathing suits or exercise sweated clothing;
  • Keep genitalia and vagina clean – vaginal hygiene is very important and could prevent some infections;
  • Keep your blood sugar under good control if you have diabetes;
  • Manage your normal weight and lose weight if you are overweigh (especially if you are obese);
  • Wear cotton panties or panties with a cotton crotch – avoid panties made from synthetic materials;
  • Postpone sexual activities during vaginal itching until the end of your treatment;
  • Avoid vaginal scratching, which will only aggravate the problem;
  • Avoid sexually transmitted diseases – use condoms to avoid catching or spreading sexually transmitted infections;
  • If you are in menopause, you can use some vaginal estrogen creams and/or tablets (prescribed by your doctor);
  • If itching is disturbing your sleep, you can use some antihistamine medication at bedtime (prescribed by your doctor).

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