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Stop vaginal itching


It is already 5-7 days I am suffering from vaginal itching (especially at evening and night time). How to stop vaginal itching?

ANSWER from experts

Vaginal hygiene is very important for women health.

Vaginal itching could have several causes and treatment should be done according to the main cause of vaginal itching.

Most often cause of vaginal itching is yeast infection which can be treated by medicine and/or with natural remedies. The easiest treatment is 12 hours stop of vaginal itching:

Vaginal Itching natural remedies

Medical treatment with MONISTAT or AZO YEAST or other medications should be decided by your doctor.

Some special diet could be useful during vaginal itching. There are several products which could be recommended and/or avoided if you want permanent healing from vaginal itching.

Vaginal itching

Vaginal Itching – recommended foods:

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables
2. Meats with low saturated fat content like poultry and fish
3. Whole grains
4. Olive oil
5. Nuts
6. Flax seeds

Vaginal Itching – Avoid the following foods:

1. Alcohol
2. Caffeine
3. Saturated Fats
4. Junk food such as fast foods and carbonated drinks
5. Processed Foods
6. Sugar
7. Dairy products
8. Margarine

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