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Vaginal itching and yeast infection

QUESTION about vaginal itching

I have vaginal itching but I never had any vaginal discharge which is typical for yeast infection. Is vaginal itching the only symptom of yeast infection? How to take care of women health and be sure that vaginal itching would not appear again?

ANSWER from experts

Women health is pretty complicated but it is not difficult to take care of women health. Generally speaking the main recommendations for women health would include the following:

  • Healthy lifestyle including normal weight, healthy food, absence of smoking and drugs;
  • Limited number of sexual partners and safe contraception including prevention of any sexually transmitted infections;
  • Limitation of any stress factors and chemical triggers.

About 70-80% of all women get vaginal yeast infection at some point in their lives – so, vaginal yeast infection is pretty common because of several causes which could trigger the activity of yeast infection.

Vaginal Itching natural remedies

Only in rare cases women experience only itching during vaginal yeast infection. Usually vaginal yeast infection trigger few symptoms including the following:

  • Itching in vagina (different insensitivity);
  • Very specific lumpy, white vaginal discharge that resembles cottage cheese;
  • Vaginal soreness, irritation and/or burning (especially during and/or after intercourse);
  • Redness around the vagina.

If you are experiencing frequently recurring itching in vagina and/or recurring vaginal infections, abdominal pain, fever, foul-smelling or greenish, grayish vaginal discharge, you could have another type of vaginal infection including sexually transmitted infections.

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