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Short hairstyles

Charming short hairstyles doesn’t work for all women. Best candidates for short hairstyles are women with perfect oval face with smooth scalp without any scars or damages. Short haircuts can highlight and show women beautiful oval face.

In general, women with short hairstyles look younger, sexier and beautiful. According to men, women with short haircut look more professional and serious. In addition, every woman can choose personal style of short haircut which can demonstrate the character – it can be unique and versatile.

Cutting long hair short is not an easy decision to make, but if you decide to choose the short haircut, better discover how to choose your hairstyle according to your face shape.

Short hairstyles – important factors

Short hairstyles – Pompadours

Face shape
Women could have different types of face (round, long, oval, square or heart-shaped) and haircut should highlight best parts of face and should hide less attractive elements. Ideally your best matching hairstyle should be selected by professionals but you also can make your own style according to your face shape.

Hair texture
Hair texture matters and can play an important role. Hair density and texture could dictate your special hairstyle, the hair length and cutting methodology. Same hairstyle could look differently if you have curly hair or fine hair or flat hair.

Your personality should be taken into consideration while choosing short hairstyle – it should be comfortable, pleasant, attractive and sexy. Chosen haircut should highlight your personality and character.

Long bangs with shorter sides on the pixie

Top short hairstyles

Long bangs with shorter sides on the pixie
Pixie hairstyles look great on oval, square and heart-shaped faces. Best matching – round face shapes. Best for small women with wavy or straight hair.

Messy bedhead shags
Best matching square face shape but could be used for oval and long face types also. Better avoid if you have curve hair.

Messy bedhead shags

Pompadours (razor short sides and long tops)

The pompadours style is an elegant hairstyle which can provide the sense of elegance. This type of haircut can be used for both special occasions and everyday life. Specific elements can highlight your personality.

Unstructured bobs

Unstructured bobs
Nowadays this hairstyle is more versatile than ever – from classic structured styles to tousled bed-head chops to trendy angled looks. It means there is definitely one best that will work for you.

Long bobs, worn wavy or straight
This haircut considered as hot hairstyle. Shaggy long bob style works on all types of face shapes. It can be ideal haircut for women with long face. Wavy hair makes it even better.

Long bobs, worn wavy or straight

Short hairstyles – advantages

Easy maintenance
It is much easier to take care of short hair – easy to wash, easy to dry, easy to dress and less time for proper brushing.

Financial advantages
Short hairstyles save a lot of money due to limited use of hair products and accessories (shampoo, conditioner, brushes, ponytail holders, headbands, hair claws, scrunches, bun nets, alligator clips, bobby pins, barrettes);

Emotional factors
Short hairstyles reveal your character clearly and express your confidence and determined nature. It is easy to try different styles and choose the best for your personality. It is also easy to change the hairstyle during different seasons or for different events.
Short haircut highlights your face beauty (eyes, lips, skin) and demonstrates your beautiful neck and shoulders.

Health benefits
These hairstyles keep neck (collarbone) free and head cool (especially during hot summer). Short hairs keep you healthy and clean – no split-ended long hair, less extra dead cells, limited chances for hair diseases, no contacts with cloths. Hair dries much quicker and reduces chances for cold. Short hair is more comfortable for good sleep and sleep hygiene.
Short hairstyles relieve your shoulders and drop your body temperature (by about 5o). It is most comfortable hairstyle for women in menopause suffering from hot flashes.

Short hairstyles – disadvantages

Men preferences
Many men prefer long hair and cannot be attracted with short haircuts. But women attraction has several components and only haircut should not play crucial role.

Limited style choices
Once you cut your hair, choices can be limited. But experienced professionals can help you to choose the right hairstyle.

Emotional factor
Sometimes women, who had long hair for long time, experience some regrets after going short. Solution is easy – just read above all advantages.

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