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How tall you can be

Very often you ask – How tall can you grow? Is it possible to calculate expected height? At what age you stop growing? How to calculate your maximum height? What are main factors for growing taller?

There are many “formulas” people have said are accurate in predicting how tall you will be. Some say take the height at the second birthday and multiply it by two. Others have suggested simply adding the parents’ heights and dividing by two. And still others have more elaborate schemes that take into account what month they were born in, the color of their eyes, and how tall they were at birth. But while some of these may have at one time been based upon some scientific ideas, most are only a reasonable guess at best.

Human body height mainly depends on genetic factors which are basically derived from the genes of parents. The taller parents are – the higher are the chances for the child to grow even taller. This is true for almost 90% of the cases but some cases could be different. Sometimes the child of taller parents could be comparatively shorter and sometimes the child of shorter parents could be comparatively taller.

How tall you can be?

This is due to the fact that humans derive genes not only from their parents but also from their grandparents. So the conclusion is – that height basically depends on genetic factors. According to some observations boys are influenced by their mother’s height, whereas girls are influenced by their father’s height.

Besides genetic factors there are some additional external factors which can be very important and could also have a huge influence at the person’s height. External factors include lifestyle, sport habits, exercises, food and some special diets, etc. It’s obvious that people engaged in sports like basketball or volleyball or swimming tends to gain a few more inches than their biologically pre-destined height. Food habits and diets can also play an important role in a person’s growth level. It is well known that children who are fed with a protein-rich diet at young age tend to grow faster than their counterparts.

The scientific and most commonly accepted methods of predicting person’s maximum height are given in this article. It is noted that methods based on the height of person’s parents as well as person’s grandparents are most correct – these calculations turn out to be correct in almost 90% of the cases.


Just follow few steps described below.

Step 1, discover the following indicators:

cm (inches)
         Your father’s height
cm (inches)
         Your mother’s height
cm (inches)
        Your father’s father’s height
cm (inches)
          Your father’s mother’s height
cm (inches)
          Your mother’s father’s height
cm (inches)
         Your mother’s mother’s height

Step 2, if you are a male:

                           Your Maximum Potential Height
                                         in cm (inches)
         = (F + M + FF + FM + MF + MM) / 6 * 1.08 + 8.8 cm (3.5 inches)             95%
          = (F + M + FF + FM + MF + MM) / 6 * 1.08 + 14 cm (5.5 inches)             99%

Step 3, if you are a female:

                           Your Maximum Potential Height
                                         in cm (inches)
         = (F + M + FF + FM + MF + MM) / 6 * 0.92 + 6.4 cm (2.5inches)             95%
         = (F + M + FF + FM + MF + MM) / 6 * 0.92 + 11.4 cm (4.5inches)             99%

If you wish to be taller, you can use some special exercises and some food supplements – see chapter Natural Remedies.


It is well known that genetic factors are of the greatest importance and these genetic factors influence the final adult height the most. And after having studied thousands of children and their parents, the following formula has been developed to assist in figuring out if growth is on track to reach that “genetic potential.” The following equations are used by most endocrinologists to figure out the goal height in the children they are evaluating:

FOR GIRLS – how tall you can be

 Step 1
Take each parent’s height and add them together. If using the British system, total the number of inches. If using metric, add the centimeters together.
  Step 2
Divide that number by 2
  Step 3
Subtract 2.5 inches to that number if using the British system and Subtract 6.5 centimeters to the number if using metric
  Step 4
This number is the mid-parental height for girls
  Step 5
This number plus or minus 4 inches (or plus/minus 10 centimeters) is the range in which you could expect your daughter to fall.

Mom is 5’4″ (64 inches or 162.5 centimeters);
Dad is 6’1″ (73 in. or 185.5 cm.)
Adding the two together = 137 in. or 348 cm.
Divide that by two = 68.5 in. or 174 cm.
Subtract 2.5 in. or 6.5 cm. = 66 in. or 167.5 cm.
You could expect this girl to eventually be 5’6″ plus or minus 4 in. or 167.5 cm. plus or minus 10 cm.


Some people prefer simple calculations just for average estimations and it also could be done in few steps:

Step 1
A – Discover your mother’s height in centimeters (cm)
Step 2
B – Discover your father’s height in centimeters (cm)
Step 3
For girls: (A + B) : 2 – 6.5 cm
Step 4
For boys: (A + B) : 2 + 6.5 cm

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