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Tea tree oil against Demodex

Many people have persistent, stubborn, unresponsive rosacea and acne without knowing that it is triggered by face mites – parasites which live on the face and in the hair follicles. Face mites called Demodex (Demodex folliculorum or Demodex brevis). Demodex mites feel very comfortable in hair roots and sebaceous glands. Their favorite location is facial area which has the optimum temperature for them to thrive (nose, forehead, chin and cheeks). Unfortunately it is not easy to treat Demodex acne. During last decade several studies demonstrated effective results after using tea tree products against Demodex. Tea tree oil (TTO) in topical solutions and shampoo is considered safe and effective.

Main source of TTO is Melaluca tree which is native to Eastern Australia.

Tea tree oil against Demodex

Tea tree oil has been a traditional remedy for centuries among Australian indigenous population – it was used for treating cuts, burns and skin infections. Tea tree leaves had magical effect – this is why lagoons containing fallen tea tree leaves were considered to be mysterious healing waters. In XIX century TTO appeared in Europe (brought by Australians). Nowadays tea tree oil is used all over the world – it is considered as an effective natural remedy with several health benefits. It has been used for decades to treat several skin diseases and scalp problems.

Tea tree oil for Demodex eradication

Tea tree oil is one of the best known and effective natural remedy which can treat and eradicate demodex mite infestation. According to scientists TTO can kill demodex mites during 3-4 minutes. But full strength tea tree oil should never be used anywhere on the face. External application of undiluted TTO has been associated with toxicity.

Tea tree shampoo

Tea tree oil is a pretty popular active ingredient used in dandruff shampoos. Tea tree shampoos are effective in cases of scalp Demodex, dandruff and dry scalp.

Market is full of different types of tea tree shampoos – some are pretty concentrated and some are gentle enough to use every day.

TTO against Demodex mites – recommendations

If Demodex mites spreaded to eyelids and eyelashes and caused blepharitis, TTO can be used topically;

TTO can trigger irritation on the eyes – better to dilute it with some other oils such as macadamia nut oil;

Equal parts of TTO and macadamia nut oil can be rubbed on eyelashes every night during 6 weeks;

Make sure not to get any oil in eyes which could trigger side effects;

Special TTO face cleansers should be used every day – it is the important step in keeping Demodex mites off of your face;

TTO shampoo and conditioner can be used every day for hair and eyelashes – it will kill Demodex mites and stop infestation;

Local topical use of 5% TTO cream to the skin around the eyelids prevents Demodex mating and re-infestation around eyes;

TTO face skin scrub can kill Demodex mites and prevent them from laying eggs in the hair follicle.

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