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Demodex natural remedies

Before describing Demodex natural remedies, this disease should be introduced. Demodex mites are microscopic parasites – they can be discovered in hair follicles. Demodex mites are pale-colored organisms that look very similar in color to skin – very often they can be present in the skull, nose, eyelids, eyelashes and ear canals. Demodex mites eat the cells of the human hair follicle and reproduce. Demodex mites are not life-threatening but their presence is usually irritating because they can cause several skin problems including acne and hair loss. Demodex mites can also drain the vital fluids and oils the skin needs for nourishment.

It should be mentioned that Demodex mites are tiny and live naturally in everyone’s skin but sometimes they start intensive reproduction which is triggering several unpleasant symptoms including itching, acne, inflammation, etc. Demodex mites have a life cycle of 14-18 days.

Demodex natural remedies

Demodex treatment in women could be pretty complicated and long because it is very difficult to kill Demodex mites. Demodex natural remedies could play an important role in complex anti-demodex treatment.

There are several demodex natural remedies which can be effective:

Demodex natural remedies – “Sea Buckthorn” (Hippophae rhamnoides)

Human Demodex parasites create biotoxins which can be discovered around Demodex mites. Actually these biotoxins poison human body cells and body is forced to detoxicate them. Seabuckthorn Seed Oil has been found to be effective in countering the toxicity of Demodex parasites. Seabuckthorn Seed Oil can effectively combat the damage done by the human demodix mite thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties as well as its general ability of nourishing, revitalizing and restorative actions.

It is important to mention that expensive wonderful smelly shampoo can worsen the Demodex infestations and can upset the pH balance of the sebaceous glands causing an overproduction of sebum and prime breeding grounds for Demodex Folliculorum. If you have Demodex, better choose shampoo with Seabuckthorn Seed Oil.

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is a natural weapon against Demodex tiny parasites. Seabuckthorn Seed Oil can be used as soap, shampoo and/or skin cream.

Demodex natural remedies – Tea Tree Oil

Centuries ago in Eastern Australia ancient doctors start using extract from Melaluca tree and the extract was “Tea Tree Oil” – so called “TTO”. Tea Tree Oil is another good natural source for eliminating Demodex mites. Tea Tree Oil can kill Demodex mites quite quickly – several studies show that Tea Tree Oil can kill Demodex mites during 4-5 minutes.

Tea Tree oil can be used differently. Tea Tree Oil soap can be applied on the face regularly after shower or washing it. Tea Tree Oil cream can be applied on the face twice a day. Shampoo with Tea tree Oil can also be applied on the scalp daily.

Tea Tree Oil should be used only diluted – it is not soluble in water, but is soluble in alcohol or in other oils.
External application of undiluted Tea Tree Oil and/or at inappropriate high doses could be very toxic and should not be used (especially on face).

Demodex natural remedies – Olive Leaf

Specialists of natural remedies discovered the effectiveness of Olive Leaf during treatment of Demodex mites.

Olive Leaf is working similar to antibiotics – just killing Demodex mites. It is considered as natural remedy for ridding the hair of Demodex mites. Consuming Olive Leaf internally could be also effective during treatment of Demodex.

To treat Demodex mites using Olive Leaf, take 1-4 capsules daily for five days. Daily number of capsules should be adequate to severity of Demodex symptoms. After 5 days treatment, take two day break, then continue with another five days of treatment until all symptoms disappear or reduced dramatically.

Olive Leaf can kill not only Demodex mites but can also kill some healthy hair cells – this why doses should not be exceeded.

Demodex natural remedies – Fish Oil

Fish oil is considered effective in killing Demodex parasite. Some experts recommend applications of fish oil on the affected area.

Demodex natural remedies – Vitamin E Oil

Vitamine E oil is also found useful in killing Demodex mites as well as reducing their population.

Demodex natural remedies – Garlic Oil

Garlic itself is a poison for Demodex mites. Garlic oil contains sulfur in its natural form – Demodex mites are destroyed by applying garlic oil on the skin surface.

General advices for Demodex treatment

Drinking lots of water (minimum 2 liter per day) and consuming sufficient quantities of vitamins D and E may also be helpful in getting rid of Demodex mites. Healthy skin (well taken care skin) can prevent mites from living on the skin and reproducing. So it is very important to take care of your skin properly and regularly. Healthy and well hydrated skin can fight Demodex mites much better.

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