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Weight Loss Success story 16

Fat Loss 4 Idiots provides its readers with a weight loss process that is a bit different from all the rest. The product claims it can provide you with methods that will allow you to lose 9 pounds in 11 days. You can then take three days off before repeating the process. The idea is that you eat meals that will shock your metabolism into speed up, causing your body to burn calories at a much faster rate than normal. There are four meals to consume each day, and having your body confused by the number of calories it receives at each meal is said to have it working in overdrive.

The method that Fat Loss 4 Idiots uses to help you lose weight is called Calorie Shifting. In order to be successful with this diet plan, you must follow it exactly how it is provided to you. You can input your favorite foods into the Diet Generator, and then just eat what the program tells you to. The product doesn’t require exercise in order to lose weight, so there is no real information on working out and staying active. There is also a diet handbook that gives you more information on calorie shifting and how to be successful with this program.

Weight loss success story

Pros of Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Fat Loss 4 Idiots can be followed for a one-time fee. Unlike other diet programs that require you to pay weekly or monthly, Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a more affordable option, especially since there are not additional tools or supplements to buy once you begin the program. It is also simple to follow. You will be provided with meal plans that will tell you exactly what to eat on each of the 11 days you are following the diet. Having three days to eat as you normally would is a perk as well.

Because you are losing weight so quickly, many people think that Fat Loss 4 Idiots will not work. For some people, it will not create healthy eating habits that they can carry with them into the future to maintain the weight loss. This can cause them to gain the weight back as soon as they stop following the diet plan. Also, with no exercise promoted, you are not toning your muscles or keeping your body in good shape. This diet does not have a plan for vegetarians or those with diabetes to follow.

Weight loss success stories

Overall, Fat Loss 4 Idiots can work for those who are dedicated to following a strict diet plan. It may mean sacrificing the foods you love, but you can see results if you stick with it. It will not help to tone your body, since there is not weight loss involved. If you need to lose a few pounds in a small amount of time, this may be a diet program worth trying.


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